Saturday Was Laid Back…. NOT Cars And Bowers

We began early with a visit to the 24th annual Seal Beach Car Show.  Please join us for the great cars.

Sue really loves old things… That’s why she loves me I guess!

After a glass of champagne at the Wine Store on Main Street, we headed for the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to see the new Japanese exhibit and also have lunch with Hannah and Thomas.

The outstanding Japanese screen and scroll paintings from the Etsuko and Joe Price Collection experienced immense success as a traveling exhibition in 2006-2007, attracting over one million viewers.  For the first time in the United States, a new exhibit is set to introduce you to one of the Price Collection’s greatest assets – a man considered by many to be one of the greatest artists that ever lived, yet known by very few outside of Japan. His name is It? Jakuch?.  Born in Japan in 1715, he lived as a vegetable seller and a Buddhist monk, all the while living a life devoted to illuminating the beauty of nature with the magical stroke of the artist’s brush. But Jakuch? took his brush beyond just skill, making him different from all others. His works are diverse and so coupled with the heart of nature that they have an ageless quality and appeal to people from all walks of life – no scholarly explanations needed.  Jakuchu’s paintings have left their mark, a stroke far beyond the capabilities of ordinary men.

Amazing works from 250 years ago…

The Bowers

Hannah had to visit the museum for school so we decided to invite them to lunch at Tangata

Check the shirt… Directly from the car show

After the visit to the museum, we headed for home to visit the babies before heading to the Elks for a full evening of dancing.   Brad and Susie-Q were playing and the music was fantastic.  The crowd was small because Garden Grove had a $25,000 jackpot being drawn but the music was BIG!  Brad and Susie-Q must be dancers because they played and played and we danced and danced all evening.   Better for us, we had are own dance floor.   Another note: Brad and Susie-Q know where the volume is.. The sound was loud enough to dance but soft enough our wine did not have ripples in it and we could talk!  The Mongels, Roberts, and Branders made for a super evening.  Bob and Donna went to a movie.  The Kuhn’s spent the day at a local film series.

Super dance music all evening – Brad & Susie-Q made the evening wonderful

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