We Were Attacked By A Herd Of Boxes!

We had to get our vacuum cleaner exchanged. The previous one sucked.

We hit the floor working.  While we were supposed

I selfied myself!

Ray, a friend of Joe’s, came by at 1);00 AM with some of his workers to look at the cement job we have planned. We discussed it, marked the grass, and they will be starting Saturday at 8:00 AM.  With the foundation guides in place, they can pour concrete on Monday morning.

Monday, they will pour a 48″ wide walkway from the side of the house to the patio, the spa pad, which is 14′ x 16′, and a pad for the new shed, which arrives on Wednesday; lots of concrete is coming out way.

At 11:15 AM, we headed to the Elks Lodge for “Ladies Night Out” and met up with the regulars. Mary wore her glasses because of the contact incident last night,

Mary wore glasses because of last night’s incident!

Jeanie is going to join us Saturday night at Starlighters with her bow, Harold.  Sydney is also going to tag along!

Jeanie, Harold, and Sydney at the Elks!

We went back by Mary’s to do some measurements of the spa top affirm the measurements for the concrete. We modified our plans at home to account for the ladder and give us some room to walk around the spa when we get out.

Our new pad is coming this weekend!

Ray is also doing the electricity, so I took a picture of where the power enters the spa. While he is at it, he will run a one to the shed to have power out there in the future!

Electric some in the

The swim spa is going to be a nice addition to the place!  And we know it works when you are tired and weary.  The way it is placed, it is about six feet from the door that is in the back bathroom; perfect!

Stairway to heaven.

While we were out, we saw a sale going on at the outdoor store.  Mary spotted a combination BBQ and ice chest, and she fell in love with it.  I put it in the back of the car, brought it home, and promptly tried it out.

We ordered a BBQ-Ice Chest combo from Amazon!

We have never used the spa/hot tub in the pool, so I set the valves up, and within a few minutes, it was at a toasty 94 degrees.  The pool is set to 85 as it gets sun all day, so Mary slid over the wall from the hot tub to the pool and took a couple of laps.

Time for a swim!

By the time 8:00 PM rolled around, we were done! Time to crash.  MAr2y has to work tomorrow, and I have plenty of things to do around the house!

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