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1/2 Work; 1/2 Play; Celebrate All Day!

The only bakery I loved at the 4th of July carnival was selling pastries with stars and stripes. Others were just un-pastry-otic.

The morning started as usual; work work work!   Mary worked inside, and I tackled the garage.  MAry has everything so organized the packers and movers will have it easy!  The garage will be a challenge; more gets moved into the Casa Valencia garage and then dispersed for sorted through during the following week.

I had to get on the ladder to change a lightbulb in the garage this afternoon. You could say it was the high light of my day.

Mary did a yeoman’s job sorting through everything; it is now manageable!

We broke at 10:30 AM, and Mary fixed breakfast while I loaded the van up with donations to the Salvation Army.  They are getting to know us quite well there!  We have made five deliveries, and more will follow that in the next week.

I set the TV up to watch Dr. Stanley, our favorite TV personality.  Mary asked what I was watching, and I said:

Hey! I’m getting old!

After watching our televangelist, we worked for another hour before cleaning up.  We headed to Joe and Amy’s home to celebrate the 4th!  It feels so great to have a wonderful family.  We talked to Colleen this morning and Miss Robin.  We placed a call to Lisa & Pete, ut they must have been out and about.

We got pictures from Lilly and Remy; they were busy shopping! Two of my great-grandchildren!

Lilly says, “I will take one of each, please!”

I texted Dr. Zaitz to see what he was up to, and from the picture, I would guess eight feet!  Working on the 4th?  I do know they are going dancing at 7:00 PM in Chino!

I told Bob. “Isn’t it funny how red, white, and blue represent freedom… until they’re flashing behind you.”

Lucky the neighbor didn’t call the cops for indecent exposure!

We departed for Casa Valencia at around 2:30 PM to water, check on the house, get the mail, and set the lights on for tonight! We watered and did some last-minute preps for this week’s move.

Many of the veggies were ready to pick, so we did.  They will be for dinner this week!

We picked a mess of veggies!

The Mexican Zucchini was full size, and we captured about six of them before they went wild and attacked the City of Orange!

The zucchini was amazing.

The shed is shaking, awaiting new arrivals this next week; I plan to get inside and maximize the storage.  Can’t believe someone broke into my shed and stole my limbo stick! How low can ya go?

The shed is almost full now!

Mary waters the right-hand side of the yard as we do not have drip lines yet.  I like water and in fact, I wanted to play water polo but couldn’t get the horses to swim.

Last-minute watering.

It was a thirty-minute drive to Joe’s place, 55 to the 22 to the 5 to Beach Blvd.  The traffic was lite, so we scooted over there, arriving at 4:42 PM.  Just in time for wine and snacks!

A vegan said to me, “People who sell meat are gross!” I said, “People who sell fruits and vegetables are grocer.”

Snack time!

It was hot, so we stayed inside for about an hour, and as the sun began setting, we moved outside and talked with family!  We are lucky; we have a bunch of super people as family!

Just yacking with family! (Beauty and the Beast)

Michele and Tony like their red wines; Mary and I are sticking to the whites.  Tony, Joe, and I were cracking jokes the whole time.  Mary fit right into the group!

Michele & Tony enjoy their vino!

Amy was busier than a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest!  She made everything just perfect.  A delightful lady and wonderful daughter-in-law!

Our hostess with the mostess!

Joe rests up for this evening’s show as he is in charge of lighting up the night!

Joe ‘splains how it works!

Carri was here and in typical rare form; a good friend and a funny person to be around.  She cracks us up with her one-liners.

Carri, always delightful!

It is sunset, and we move to the front yard with everyone waiting for foe the fireworks to start.  It sounded like a war zone out there with serious fireworks in every direction and much of it “illegal,” NOT safe and sane.  Professional explosions were going on in every direction!

Ready for fireworks!

Joe The Firestarter began this evening’s entertainment.

The MC, also known as “Firestarter.”

Joe’s tripod to raise the level of the fireworks was a super idea!

Mary got into the celebrations will her rendition of __________ .   You have to fill in the blank!

I thought the statue of liberty was green?

Bam! Flashes of light!  The night was bright.

We had quite a show!

The old folks really enjoyed the show!

Everybody was in awe.

Then the kids put on a show for us.  The grandkids were having a ball with the sparklers.

The finale was a light show by the grandkids!

We headed home about 10:00 PM and crashed.  It was a wonderful day with family.

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