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The Gorillas Came To Visit!

I’m not too fond of Russian dolls. They’re so full of themselves.

The iPhone buzzed bright and early, and it was Joe saying he was heading over to Mary’s to assist us in moving a large umbrella, a large headboard, and other minor things.

This rather large swim spa will be taking a short trip down the hill and landing in our new backyard on or around 7 July. We enjoyed the swim spa quite a bit. It helps the old bones relax.

The guys, with ease, moved the large umbrella.

On Thursday, Bob Z and I tried to take apart the headboard, but we stripped two screws and couldn’t get it out. We then decided to take it down the stairs out the front door and put it in the van. After two small attempts and a lot of measuring, we threw up our hands and said. “no way, Jose, we can’t do this.

My son Joe and my grandson Zachary looked at the problem and said, will take it down the stairs. I thought they were kidding, but all of a sudden, boom, the headboard was in the air and floating down the stairway as if by magic.

The headboard was so heavy and large that it w to Cassa Valenciaas decided we would lay it across the cover on the bed of Joe’s big pickup truck. With the aid of a few tie-downs and some furniture cover blankets, it was ready for its 1.1-mile drive from Mary’s mountaintop castle to Cassa Valencia..”

The headboard floated down the stairway with these guys in charge.

We are just about ready to make the move, and Joe does a final check.

The headboard was strapped onto the cover.

Miss Lilly came over with Zachary, and while the boys were moving furniture and taking things apart, Miss Lilly and Dr. Murry were busy in the backyard. Mary showed Lilly how to water the flowers and the garden. Lilly got a lesson in vegetable gardening.

A few minutes later, when I came into the house, Lilly and Mary played hide and seek. It was fun to watch the two of them interact.

Lilly and Miss Mary are getting to be good friends.

Zachary connected my Honeywell Internet-enabled thermostat to the HVAC system in the house. Now, I can control the heating and air from any place in the world using my iPhone.

The Honeywell thermostat is about to be connected.

Joe spent a lot of time in the garage organizing my new workshop. I think he was having a lot of fun with it and certainly a lot of fun at my expense when he found I had duplicates of many tools.

I had brought my dining room set over from the old house, but it was at least a quarter of a century old, and it was showing signs of wear. So, we stopped at the barstools and table store on Tustin Avenue and found a perfect new set to go with the new house on the way home.

As you can see, Mary found the perfect setting for our breakfast nook!  They delivered it within an hour, and we enjoyed a few minutes of quiet before we headed to Newport Beach Hyatt Regency for a semi-formal dinner with the International Packard Club.

We have a new dining room set.

We had a lot of fun at the Packard Club meeting new and interesting people.  We sat with David and Diane, making it even more special.

By 10:00 PM, we were heading home and getting ready to crash as we have to be up at the crack of dawn and have breakfast at Los Bresis.

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