From Zip To Zap In 24 Hours

Busier than a puppy in a room full of rubber balls!

Up early and ready to tackle the day.  Mary called, and we talked before she headed off to work. She had a workday, so I must have one also, but mine is more fun!  I worked on my Christmas Website and got Christmas Eve online, and all that remains is to make Christmas Day ready to go live.

Looking back, we did have a lot of fun, although it was a laid-back holiday season due to CCOVID. Thanks to Robin and Bob, it was almost normal.  We missed Colleen and we wished she were here to share with us; maybe next year!

Thank you Robin and Bob for being great kids and making Christmas special!

A Christmas Eve collage was created to document 6:00 AM to Midnight!  It was a good day.

It was a beautiful day with Mary and our family!

Colleen and I talked via the Bat Phone for a while.  Poor Colleen, she took a fall on the ice and landed bottom down on the ice…right on the tail-bone.  I know how that feels.

I got an interesting text from Mary in the late morning; she is trying something new at her office. Frank & Earnest shared their opinion. I reserved my opinion for obvious reasons.

It was time to get cleaned up and do some wash and water the garden before I headed to the doctor’s office to read the MRI.  I tried to figure out what I was seeing before the doctor showed up, way too complex!

I controlled myself and did not push any buttons!

When the doc came in, he selected a view that made sense to me. Dr. Woodston said this was a common injury and that most people get instant relief after the surgery.  The downside is the knee is not supposed to bear weight for 4-6 weeks.

Then I got to thinking, and that is always dangerous!  No dancing? Will Mary throw me out since I will not be able to mow the lawn, take out the trash, do the wash, wash the cars, or walk the dog, mop the floors, or chop the wood for the fireplace? It’s worrisome!

MRI view of the knee joint (The rupture/tear is on the right-left side, and the dark area should look like the right-hand side).

I will need a brace and crutches for a month, plus I must have to lay down horizontally and be fed bonbons, preferably chocolate, several times a day!  To be helpful, I gave Mary my choice of bonbons, complete with a discount coupon!

Low calories! (Must be served at exactly 31.4 degrees F.

They wanted to fo the operation in February, and I requested next week.  To do that, I needed OK’s from my two doctors plus a COVID test.  So, right after my appointment, I went to the two doctors (Rucker and Vannatta), got appointments, and got the COVID test scheduled for Saturday morning.

Oh boy, I am NOT looking forward to this!

The entire afternoon was spent at the medical center. On the bright side, everything is in place, and now I get to run out the clock!

My stomach thought my throat had been cut, so I stopped by In-N-Out and got a cheeseburger.  460 calories were acceptable, and it sure made me feel better!

Tonight was the Board Meeting for the Sewer District, so I went at 7:00 PM and then headed for Mary’s to see her this evening. The meeting went until 8:45 PM, way too long for me!!

On the way to Mary’s I called Diane, my fantastic sister-in-law, and we talked for a few minutes.  It was a quick check-in to see how the girls (my nieces) were doing and how her retirement is going.  Diane, and her family, are special people in my life!

Mary and I have now seen each other every day since July 28th of last year.  I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms!  After a hard day of doing odds and ends and seeing a lot of sick people, it was nice to see a smiling face!  OMG, I am seeing another doctor!

She made my day!We watched a movie, Lethal Weapon, and had a glass of wine before I headed back down the freeway.  While sitting there, I moved my leg, which hurt, so I yelled out a bit.  Well, Mary had a comment.

Tomorrow I am going to Mary’s early as she has to drop off her truck for service, and I volunteered to be her transportation.

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