A Little Bit Of Everything!

Nothing can compare to the joy of being loved by the one who owns your heart and loves you exactly the way you do.

The phone rang so hard it nearly fell off the bedstand.  It was Mary, and she was ready to move Christmas up and into the attic.  So I got ready, jumped into the Silver Fox, and headed down the 22 to her home.  I knocked on the door, and there she was, hands on her hips, asking, “What took you so long?”  I did the math quickly in my head.

The call came in at 8:00 AM, I was in the car at 8:05 AM, and arrived at Mary’s at 8:27 AM, meaning I broke the sound barrier on Highway 22.  I asked her to call me “Speedy” from now on.

OK, she put me to work immediately.  I did the “heavy lifting,” moving the 102 boxes from the floor to the top of the pull-down stairs.  She placed them in their positions in the attic. Finally, we thought Christmas is gone.  Within fifteen microseconds of closing up the attic, we spotted two Christmas decorations we missed.

For the next two hours, all I saw was Mary’s feet!

Mary got cleaned up, and then we decided to go get breakfast at The Original Pancake House” in Orange.  We got our meals to go and then decided to go to Jan’s to share our meal.  While waiting for our order, I asked Mary, “Do you know why the pancake king lost his kingdom?”  Having no immediate answer, I told her, “Cuz he was usyruped.”  I got two boos and one very long hiss!

We had a coffee while waiting for our order.

Now we are off to Jan’s, so we called her, giving her a five-minute warning; any more notice than that, and she goes into guest-mode, meaning she starts bringing food to the table. We beat her to it as she got a four-minute warning.  We are sneaky!

The ladies serve the meal! I stay out of the way!

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, well not if it’s poisoned. Then the antidote becomes the most important.

We talked and laughed for quite a while, and then we had to depart as we wanted to get our estimated tax bill checks into the US mail.  We headed for my place, got the checks written, the certified mail forms filled out, and drove to the post office adjacent to the medical center.

Our timing was perfect as we drove over to the medical center and waited for my MRI in the left knee.   On the 11th, I see the doctor, and I know a small operation is in my future.

We were done with the MRI by 5:00 PM, and then we headed to Mary’s to make sure Scout The Wonder Dog was taken care of.  He was happy to see us.

We have a continuing commitment to empty the refrigerator, so Mary found some great spaghetti in the freezer.  We had a super meal, and the timing was wonderful.  The microwave bell rang, and Two And A Half Men came on channel five.

We watched the rest of The American President, and then we watched SWAT.  At 11:00 PM is was done, so I headed home, and Mary crashed.

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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