Our Last Day On The Island (Catalina Day Three)

You’ve stolen a pizza, my heart.

We were up early to fit in a lot of stuff before our departure at 2:45 PM. We remembered yesterday, pretty good for two old folks!  Oops, one old folk and one spring chicken!

Remembering yesterday!

The first sun hits the casino and the mansion at about the same time.   We call it Oh-Dark-Thirty! The town was quiet, nary a noise.  The coffee had been served, so our hearts were started again!

First Sun!

Speaking of breakfast, as you can see, Mary ordered! There was enough to feed a small army.  We gobbled (excuse the pun) right through it and then got ready for today’s adventures.  We took the fruit home with us, and it will be for dinner tomorrow.

Breakfast is served.

I strolled through the front room on the way to the pantry to acquire some milk for Miss Mary. The common living area was quite nice, and during our stay, we met some nice people!

A stroll through the mansion!

On the way to the museum, I remembered the memorial gardens and decided we would detour.  We were glad we did!  We spent about an hour wandering around, and we walked up to the memorial proper.

The memorial was quite interesting. Willian Wrigley was laid to rest there but was eventually moved to Glendale.

Did You Know? William Wrigley Jr. (1861–1932) bought most of Catalina Island in 1919 with proceeds from his chewing gum empire. When he died on January 26, 1932, at age 70, he was interred near his Catalina home, in a tower in the botanical gardens. The tower stands 130 feet high and is primarily built with local materials. Wrigley’s body has been moved to Forest Lawn in Glendale, but his original grave memorial marker still adorns the tower site.

It was quite a walk, and there were about 100 stairs to get to the memorial’s top.  Mary decided it was time to stretch before the last stairs were attempted.

Basking in the sunlight, which was quite warm!

Mary would make a great tour guide.  Here she explains to me about the great copper doors.

Vanna White explains about the copper doors.

While wandering around, we did see a real fox. He looked hungry!

“Please, Miss Mary, I needs some foods!”

We meandered back towards the car, and Mary found a great sign.  We could not resist. Too funny.  That real fox was trying to get us in trouble.

No lunch for Mary today; I follow the rules!

We then headed for the local Museum, but most of it was off-limits due to the pandemic.  It was a nice building but not much to see!

Hunger pains set in, and we decided a buffalo burger was needed.  The Buffalo Nickel was highly recommended, and the recommendation was excellent.   It was on the other side of the city, but our trusty steed, aptly named “disappearance,” took us there in style.

Now dat dare is a buffalo!

The burger was quite good, but the best part was the margaritas.  It seems they ran out of cups, so they used LARGE plastic glasses.  OMG, the margarita must have been nearly a quart each!  I managed to down two while Mary polished off one.


We have been careful the entire weekend about eating.  Mary makes sure that my anchovies are fresh, and the pine float uses fresh toothpicks.  So, we decided to  “go for it.”  Mary ordered the fries, and I was allowed one bite off the end of a small brown overcooked french-fly.

I could hear the french-fly said, “Oh s’il vous plait monsieur, ne me mangez pas! Je suis seulement dix calories!”

I think it was a case of older abuse!

OK, it is 1:30 PM, so we returned “disappearance” to her parking place and brought Shaun a buffalo burger and a margarita.  He loaded our bags into the cart, which was no simple matter.  Mary’s two steamer trunks were tied on top, the suitcases in the back seat.  My one-half gallon paper sack with my clothes I carried on my lap.

Our destination.

We didn’t even take a picture on the way back.  We were too pooped to pop!  We arrived right on time and then headed for Becky’s to get the varmint.  Scout was happy to see us.  When we arrived home, I suggested The Rib Trader.  We got our meals to go.  Mary had a steak while I was allowed two green beans and a slice of zucchini!  I am really sure this was elder abuse.  Then she ordered chocolate cake for one, and I was sure it was elder abuse!

One last stop at the Rib Trader

Somehow we managed to eat dinner and then crashed.  It was a grueling weekend, but someone had to do it.

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