Prepping For Thanksgiving

“My family told me to stop telling Thanksgiving jokes, but I said I couldn’t quit cold turkey.”

Up and at it at 6:00 AM doing our exercises.  It felt pretty good.

When I went to my phone, I got a message from Google Photos saying they had photos from the past 15 years I have used their service.  I clicked on it the picture was from 2006.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I lost my wife and my son this year.  Sue and Mitch were best-buds and worked together in the kitchen like a finely tuned machine.

I miss you every day.

I am so very blessed to have re-discovered Miss Mary.  We have been friends for almost twenty years.  She has given me a new life, and she is just so extremely special to me. So with a deep breath and an eye toward the future, I continue…

I began the turkey day prep by locating all the items I needed for Thanksgiving dinner, including tables, chairs, etc.  We are going to really locate people away from each other, so we have two card tables and our log tables.  Robin and Mary will be the servers, so people will not congregate around the food table.  We have a plan!

I set up the tables today, cleaned the kitchen so there is room for the girls to work on Thanksgiving, and went to the market and got some necessities, including wine, milk, and snacks.

I finished off part of the Sedona Trip and then messed around the house until 5:00 PM when Mary called and said she was heading home.  I jumped in the Silver Fox and flew like the wind arriving well ahead of her.

When I arrived at Mary’s, I turned on the fireplace, lit the candles, put up Scouts deliveries (he gets special delivery dog food), got the mail, and did some other chores I knew needed to be done.

Mary arrived soon after, and we had our glass of wine and discussed our day’s activities.  She told me coming home with the fireplace on, house warm, candles burning was appreciated.  However, she also said it would have been better if there was a little romantic background music going.  Well, I aim to please!

I may even try two bottles next time!

We also discussed Thanksgiving plans, and Mary volunteered some wine and champagne for the event. She went into the wine rack and pulled out some excellent wines for the occasion.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that ought to do it!

As she sorted through the wine, we recalled the adage:

That means we ought to have our wine on the way to work!

Mary took a gander at the refrigerator and decided we are having breakfast thanks to Old Ranch’s potatoes and mushrooms.  We got the turkey bacon going, and I chopped the potatoes, mushroom, and the last of this year’s homegrown tomatoes.

She got into her comfortable cooking uniform, made of asbestos, so she will not catch fire as she cooks.  She decided her flame-proof cooking bonnet, complete with a four-gallon fire extinguisher, was not required as the bacon and eggs are generally cooked on medium heat unless they are rooster eggs.

The white spots on the normally purple cooking costume are instant fire extinguisher buttons.  Touch and of then and you will be extinguished, instantly.

As she was cooking, I heard her say, “If Shakespeare cooked breakfast, he’d make a Hamlet.” Of course, I responded with, “You’re bacon me crazy.”

Cooking up a storm! Old Ranch baked potatoes with mushrooms, yeah!

She likes polka dots!

Dinner was ready at 7:30 PM just in time for “Two And A Half Men,” which we always enjoy watching.

We watched part of a Gilmore Girls movie before declaring a successful day and crashing.  I made it home about 9:30 PM and fell sound to sleep as tomorrow is a busy day.  The Silver Fox gets to go to his first Lexus checkup as he has 5,400 miles on him already.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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