Sunday Was A Busy Day

Lettuce Romaine Friends

We were up and early because Mary wants to play dirty.  That did not sound right!  She wants to play in the garden, dig in the dirt, so we drove to H&H in Lakewood, got a mess of veggies, and returned to my home to plant them.  Mary loves gardening, as I do, so we had fun all morning.

She did look at me a little funny this morning; I wonder why?

I was gardening!

Today I am hobbling as the knee is again giving me fits.  Mary loaned me the brace she used when she broke her leg.  It is quite stiff, but it does keep the kneecap from rotating.

I still cannot believe when she was in medical school training to be a surgeon, she rented a chain saw and chopped down a tree by herself, truly an amazing person.

The garden has been rototilled and is ready for planting.  There is 400 square-feet in these gardens.

Hunger pains started when we got home from H&H Nursery.

We were hungry, so Mary whipped up several egg McMuffins from scratch.

To the yard, we went, and we worked our tails off until 2:00 PM when we had to head for home.  We planted oodles of veggies.  While I arranged the plantings, Mary dug the holes, applied fertilizer, and planted them.  I returned afterward to mulch the areas.  Then we watered.

Mary did real good AFTER I reminded her that the roots go down!

We finished right on time!

She said I would get the bill next week!

I decided to take a quick shower before we returned to Mary’s place.  We stopped by Albertsons to get some munchies, and Mary fixed her appearance, although I thought she was magnificent already!

Robin and Bob came over to Mary’s for a visit, and we sat and jabbered for a good hour and a half before we had to leave for the dance.

Ready to go and tonight is special; Bridgette is celebrating eighty years on this planet.

We had dinner with Bob and Donna, and Bob wore his “gold outfit.”
I am starting to worry about this guy!

We arrived as the party was getting underway.  I caught Mary putting on her war paint.


The cake was a perfect size, so all old folks would not pig-out and put unnecessary calories into our systems.

It was a magnificent cake!

We await the speech and the extinguishing of the candles.

Prepping the cake!

Go, Girl, Go!!!  Those candles did not have a chance against Bridgette!

Perfect, candles out and knives and forks at the ready!

We departed at 9:00 PM as Miss Mary has to work tomorrow. We are starting our exercise program, meaning every morning we ride the elliptical and peddle the stationary bike before going to work.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I am involved seriously with a long-time friend, Mary, and life goes on.
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