The End Of The Week Has Arrived

Imagine if alarm clocks hit you back in the morning. It would be truly alarming.

I awoke with the roosters this morning and torn into my “to do” list!  First I called my buddy “Crazy Greg” to see how he is doing.  He has some legal issues he is working through and that is taking a toll on him.  This morning he sounded like the old Greg I know and love!

Checking in!

Then, a search for science projects in the refrigerator was needed; it looked pretty good and I was not bitten by anything in the back of the refrigerator!

Then to the back yard to paint the garage wall to match the rest of the yard.  Then I battened down the hatches as we are supposed to get a one-half inch of rain over the weekend.  I have a load of tarps so it was quite easy.

I looked in the freezer and found a Bibimbap from Trader Joe’s.  I nuked it for three minutes and gave myself a 600 calorie breakfast.  Now it is pill time.

Yummy yummy, gooooood for the tummy!

Then to the garage where I did some serious straightening and made it suitable for The Silver Fox to park.  The fox’s trunk is not clean and I was going to wash the baby but the weather man says rain tomorrow so why bother?

The rain cometh!!

Mary texted mid-morning to say her last patient was at 3:00 PM so she ought to be home about 4:00 PM.  So I set my target at 4:30 PM.  I really miss her when we are apart.

I arrived at Mary’s and we decided we would go to Jan’s and bring her dinner. Well, we further decided we would bring ourselves dinner also.  The three of us sat for an hour or so talking and visiting.  Great fin!

A lot of serious kibitzing goes on when we get together!

We talked a lot about masks and I thought of this short video!

Returning to Mary’s, we watched a movie before I headed home.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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