The Week Got Started; I Am Trying To Get Started!

Do you know where you can get chicken broth in bulk? The stock market.

Well, today was supposed to be super, but it turned out a pooper!  No, really, it did.

I washed and dried and did muy chores right out of the get-go!  Then I decided as I have been driving so much, I should move up the buying of a new car, a luxury sedan.  I went to the local Toyota dealer, where I bought my Avalon in 2006, and I could not get helped.  I walked around looking at cars for an hour, and no one said, “Hello,” “Can I help you?”; it was the land of crickets… zip, nada, zero. I would have had to remove my clothes and pole dance to get any attention.  Then the only one that would have cared would have been the police after the arrived!

So I went down Beach Boulevard to Huntington Beach and the same thing.  I guess Toyota does not want to sell any cars.

Next, I went to Lexus and found a brand new ES350 Luxury with six miles on it.  I filled out the paper, and I thought all was going well.  It was NOT going well.  I “qualified” for the zero-percent financing, which makes sense in these days and times.  Why take money out of my account that is making money?

Then, at the last minute, they popped out and said, “Sorry, sir, you do NOT qualify for zero-percent financing!”  The reason they gave is, “You have NO DEBT, no history of making payments’. Say what?  I have a huge history of making payments because if I did not, I would be pushing a market basket with my worldly belongings inside.

The turkeys punish me because I pay everything cash.  I was so pissed (sorry!); I walked out.  I plan to wait until they call or go to another dealership tomorrow.

Lexus ES350

Returning home, I worked on the computer and got ready to go to Melanie’s with Irene.  I drove to Melanie’s and found out they were closed. I tried to call Irene but she was driving, so I waited for her to arrive. We decided to wait until next week to get together.

You ask, “Why was today a pooper?”.  Today is my monthly Rossmoor/Los Alamitos Sewer District meeting, as I am one of the five directors of the district. The discussions are usually quite interesting to see government agencies work.

The meeting started at 7:00 PM, and it was over at 8:00 PM.  I then got into the Silver Lady, and we headed to Orange to visit Mary.  We watched a movie and scratched Scout.  She had fixed some fruit for me, cherries and grapes, my favorites, and had a cold glass of chardonnay waiting; life is good!

Mary’s two favorite guys just “hanging out.”

At 10:00 PM, after we both fell asleep sitting on the couch watching the movie, I excused myself and headed home.  Mary has to work to make money, and I have to do battle to spend money! It’s a goofy world!

Right before I departed, Scout shared a secret with me!

I promised not to tell Mary!

As I was about to hit the sack, Mitch called and we talked for quite a while.  Mitch, my oldest “son”, checks in at least once a week.  He is doing just fine and reads the daily diary so he wanted to see how things were going.  It is his plan to go back to work next week as he is tired working from home.

I said goodnight to Sue, and again, thanked her for those thirty-five wonderful years together and remembered all she taught me!

Checkout out the wine jewelry!

Good night all.


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