More Work; Getting Closer; Dinner!

“Those we love can never be more than a thought away, for as long as there’s a memory they live in our hearts to stay.”

We were members of museums everywhere, and one of our favorites was The Bowers in Santa Ana.  This day was rainy and wet, so we jumped in the Grey Ghost and headed to Santa Ana for a visit.  Today there was a display about mummies.  We had a great time and dined at the restaurant inside the museum.

Sue was always interested in everything, so we spent a long time studying the displays and all the supporting materials.  I do miss her company as we were a perfect fit.  We laughed, giggled, wondered, shared every day, and every day is difficultt without her by my side.  I love you, Sue, and always will!

A rainy day at the Bowers was made perfect by her companionship.


I was a little sadder than normal today because it was the first day of Summer, Sue’s favorite time of the year.  She loved summertime because it was warm and we could go outside and walk in the gardens.  I will think of you as I stroll the gardens which I plan to do keeping our traditions in tact.

Summer arrived at 2:43 PM today!

I did not leave the house until 5:00 PM today.  I put on another 7,300 steps which helped keep my weight down.  In the morning, I chased down some more circuits after a good look through the list and double-checking everything.

Walking around the house,

I worked in the garden for a couple of hours, removing all the corn stalks, and I sent the corn to Ila and Vicky, suggesting corn chowder.  It is my plan to make corn chowder also since the corn has gone starchy. I used the high-pressure nozzle to remove the roots, and tomorrow I will clean up the pathways so the garden will again look snazzy and the tomatoes will be easy to get!

The corn stalks filled a 100-gallon trash container to the top!

While I was pulling the corn, I also needed to trim the grapes.  If the grape leaves cover the vines and they do not see the sun, they can get moldy since I am so close to the beach.  I fixed that issue!  The bunches are in the open and visible to the heat of the day!

Two more weeks and I will be up to my hips in table grapes!

Meanwhile, inside, Bob was putting down the final pre-tile layer in the shower and buttoning up the walls with drywall.  After the drywall goes up, a triple coat of Red Guard will make it waterproof.

No leaks in this shower!

The plumbing is ready to go to completion of the drywalling will likely occur tomorrow or Monday!

I hit the shower and got ready to go to Joe’s for dinner and a movie.  The ladies fixed the meal, and the Dad’s just sat back and drank wine. Tony and I are yakking up a storm between trips to the hamburger-hot-dog bar.  Great fun!

The supervisor, Michele, was on duty.  The cooking took place across the street at the neighbors.

I was a bad boy.  Just before pulling up aI called Amy and asked, “You did say around 7:00 PM, eight?” She got very quiet and said, “No, we are having dinner at 5:30 PM!” I responded with, “I will try to get there as soon as I can!”

Then I drove the extra 300 feet to their home, at which time Amy gave me the “Mom Look!”.  Oh, dear, what have I done?  Now Amy is sure that Joe and I are just alike!  We all had a good laugh.

The Dad’s doing what we do best, taking it easy!

Food is on the way!  Miss Carri is doing the delivery to Joe’s garage, where the tables are set up.

Carri makes a delivery.

The dining area is set up, chairs to the ready; all we need is a dinner bell.

Dinner time; over the teeth and through the gums, look out tonsils, here it comes!.

The dining room established.

Dinner is complete, and while Carri and Joe set up the screen, Amy and crew set up the ice cream bar!  They did not tell me about dessert, so I forgot the bring sauerkraut and buttermilk for the ice cream bar.

The best part of the evening has arrived. We made bets on how long the screen would stay standing before it crumpled to the ground!

STOP!  Time must cease to move forward as everyone attacks the dessert table.  Yes, even I did a quick flyby!

Ice cream completes off the dinner.

The movie begins, “A Dog’s Purpose”.  Summary: A dog finds the meaning of his existence through the lives of the humans he meets—another beautiful story.

It was so good I did NOT fall asleep.  I did, however, get cold, and Michele gave me a fuzzy blankie to use!  It was hot.  I drove the Silver Lady this evening and not the Grey Ghost, so I did not have any blankies in the car, I checked.

Another great movie.

It was a beautiful, albeit cool, evening in La Mirada.

Simply cute!

I got home about 11:00 PM, and I watched “Tails From The Loop” before going night-night.  Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and I have all sorts of events planned courtesy of my beautiful family. It is not easy without my sidekick, Sue, who walked me through some pretty tough Father’s Day’s over the years.


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