Tis Tuesday, Time To Think Terrific Thoughts (The Seven T’s)

“We get no choice. If we love, we grieve.” – Thomas Lynch

When we first met, we decided to dance, and that required getting dressed up almost every week.  We got to enjoy the dressing for a dance.  Sue had such magnificent taste in clothes, fashionable, classy, sparkly,  pretty.  I miss her taking pains to be “just right,” every hair in place, and smiling the entire time.  We made a great couple if I do not say so, myself.

The picture below was us sailing on the South China Sea on the Queen Mary II about to enter Taiwan Harbor and Free China for a visit.  We had just gone through a day of very rough seas and we enjoyed the bouncing around.  We had the small Princess Grill dining room all to ourselves.

Nine decks up and we were getting waves hitting the windows.  We sat there for two hours just enjoying each other and watching the amazing forces of Mother Nature just inches away.  Half the ship was seasick but our waiter and the wine steward was one duty.  They made us an Indian meal this evening making sure Sue got all-vegetarian delights.  Sue was so delightful and a joy to be around; I miss her every second of every day.

Getting “Dressed up” was always fun!


I got busy early today and moved the busted-out concrete from the front of the entrance to the street.  It was three wagon loads, but that makes it easier for Bob to load his truck.

It was time to get ready to visit the dermatologist, so I departed a little early and got myself a veggie subway from Subway.  The Subway 6-inch Veggie Delite has 200 calories, without adding cheese or condiments. The standard Subway build has lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, with green peppers and red onions on a 6-inch loaf of nine-grain wheat. This morning I was 193 pounds, so only three more to go until the magic 190-pound mark!

These sandwiches are fantastic!

From Subway, I went to BB&B (Bed, Bath & Beyond) since they just reopened.  I picked up a couple of things to help me cook like a sugar dispenser, a ball spatula, and a small set of tongs.

The Grey Ghost and I shot up Seal Beach to Katella,  did a wheelie onto Katella, and spun into the medical center just in time to take the lift to the fourth floor and check-in with the doctor.  What? No appointment? Well, it turns out my dermatologist is turning 80 this year and is slowly retiring coming into the office less and less.  So the decision was to go back at 12:30 AM and meet a “new guy.”   I did, and he is a look-alike and act0alike for my doctor, but after 30 years of working together, I can understand why!  He took a biopsy, and I should get a report by the end of the week.

Back home and back to work.  I checked out the tools Joe sent my way, and they will be perfect for the jobs I need to do in the next thirty days.  I jumped on the internet to check my email, and I saw this on Facebook.  It was one of their “flashbacks.”

Facebook remembers and so far, fourteen people have commented.

Thinking about Joe made me want to drop a line to my father.

Dear Dad,

I haven’t written you in a while but today was a good time.  I wish you could have known your grandson, Joe.  You left us in September of 1970, and Joe came to us in April of 1971. As I am sure you know, Joe and I were apart for almost twenty years after the divorce, but since we got together about seven years ago, it is like nothing ever happened.

Joe is a geologist and went to USC just like me.  He has a beautiful family and is married to a spectacular lady, Amy.  The boys, Charlie and Alex, are delightful, well mannered, and smart as whips!.  Joe and I talk every day, and I visit him and his family all the time.  Amy’s family is just super, and I enjoy visiting with Michele and Tony every time we get together.   Well, Dad, you would be very proud of Joe! I certainly am!

I have been remodeling the guest bathroom, and on several occasions, as I was tearing out the walls and doing the work needed,  I thought of the hundreds of hours you and I worked together around the house or at the dime store.  You and I made a pretty good team, and the education I got by working with you was fantastic, and I use the lessons learned every day.

Well, I did the same thing with Joe as he was growing up.  Joe and I worked together around the La Mirada house and on the cars and dessert vehicles.  Even though Joe and I were separated for twenty years, Joe is doing the same with his boys. I guess it is hereditary.  Thank you, Dad, for being such an amazing father!

I wished we could visit in person as I would love to show you the new-fangled tools available to us in this modern world.  It’s going to be fifty years that you have been gone this September.  I would love to show you flat-screen TV’s and Cell Phones and battery-operated saws and drills and the internet!

But you lived to see you new-fangled things like the automobile,  electricity,  phones, radio, and television.  We have just improved on them, in most cases.

I hope that I can live out my days and honor your memory by being the best father I can be to my daughters and son.  You would love Colleen and Robin as they are very special people.  I will try to make you proud also.



Well, so far it has been a heck of a year. Losing Sue, pandemics, riots, etc. what can be next?  I am afraid to ask! I saw this picture below and just could not keep myself from laughing.

No kidding!

It is getting to be summertime here, and today was the first hottie we have had all year. At 12:03, on the way to the dermatologist,  the weatherman was reporting it was 89 degrees.  It got to 94 degrees later in the afternoon.

The forecast said a max of 89, well, it lied!  AT 5:00 PM, it was 94 degrees on my patio!

Bob was bust connecting the 2″ drain back into the shower area.  That shower will drain like Hoover Damn now!  We now have to mix and pour five bags of concrete but there is always surprises when you remodel.

He was digging in the dirt!

Bob does things the right way, no cutting corners, which I like.  Joe was right when he suggested Bob to do the job!  Not only that, but the drain cap (the square top fitting) was also buried in the concrete believe it or not.  Now it will be flush with the concrete and it will enable the main drain to be cleared quite easily!

Last connection made!

Later on in the day after Bob had departed, I washed everything down and laid back for about an hour rest.  My golf buddy was coming over at 5:30 PM for a glass of champagne and to get a chance to pick some corn.

Charlotte had never picked corn or been up close to corn plants.  After all, she was born and raised in Denmark so the heat needed for corn to grow was not there.  I explained how corn worked, we examined some of the corn, and then it was time. CRUNCH & TWIST.  Charlotte is the proud owner of an ear of corn!

I sent her home with four ears of corn and a bag of other veggies!

We visited for probably an hour before she needed to head home and feed her hubby. We sat on the patio, and Charlotte admired the lemon tree, so she picked some of the fruit, which I was happy about since it is so loaded with lemons.  Miss Charlotte and I are scheduled for a round of golf on Saturday at 2:00 PM which gives me just enough time to zoom home, clean up and head for Joe’s for “Movie Night!”

I was happy to see the fruit being gathered and used there was so much in the tree.

Charlotte headed out and I headed for the Grey Ghost and went to Seal Beach to visit Chuck at Patty’s Place. Of course, I had to have my Empress-1908 martini.  I was hungry but knew I should not imbibe; I was too tired to cook at home.  I lost the battle; I had two prime rib sliders and one extra martini!  Life is good.

Nummy nummy!

Chuck and Lisa (his bride) are taking me to the Himalayan Grill Saturday at noon because they wanted to dine on Indian delights again!  Great idea, but I must go over the menu ahead of time and order a small portion of something because my refrigerator’s tummy is stuffed!  Also, I am visiting Joe’s family for movie-night in the driveway and of course, there will be food.  Joe is thinking about getting sushi for him and me before the movie begins.

Patty’s Place at 8:00 PM. Time to go home!

Back to the barn where I made a couple of phone calls and called it a day!  I think the eyes were closed before 10:00 PM this evening.

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  1. Nancy Adamson says:

    hello! I just decided to try again. So happy to be able to hear what a great life you are living and sharing it with good friends and family.
    My life is going very well. Grandson just became engaged. Wonderful girl with a fun family. Precious great grand KIDS that I get to see. I just gave myself a fun gift. Had my front yard landscaped. It is beautiful with lots of color and little rose trees that will bloom year round. LIFE IS GOOD

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