The Week Beginith Bright And Early

Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are looking for ideas.

It was a chilly winter morning, and you could hear nothing as I cruised slowly down the street with the camera out and ready to capture the moment. Crik (it is a Japanese camera)  went the lens and I now have evidence that all of Los Angeles is not a parking lot!

What am I doing out and about at 0-dark-thirty, well, my dermatologist is like me, an early riser.  I like being first because there is no waiting.  I am in and out of the office in a flash and home before anyone knows I was gone!  He took two biopsy’s and poof, we was gone!  Sharpest knife in the neighborhood!  He would have been a sushi chef!

Out and about early in the morning!

The appointment was for 6:00 AM, and I returned home at 6:30 AM, catching the Sun, making it’s a daily ritual, rising in the East and brightening the sky slowly as ol’ Sol peaks up over the horizon. We are lucky that the major medical center is three miles from our home.

After seeing the doctor, the sky began to brighten

Sue’s home care nurse dropped in at 10:15 AM.  Medicare authorizes her to visit once a week for a month after a stay in the hospital.  It’s a good program as they try to keep people well and out of the hospital.  We know Susan Frye, RN, well as this is her third time visiting us.  She announced it would be the last time as Friday she officially retires.  While loving the job, at 70, she is just plain “too pooped to pop” and is hanging up her bag.

When she departed, we decided to for Chinese, and while there, pick up our VCR, which we left on Christmas Day.  After our family Christmas dinner at the Panda Inn, we left the VCR going so other customers could watch “A Christmas Story.”  While we were there, we made reservations for next Christmas! You know, planning ahead.

A casual lunch at Panda Inn

While over in the La Mirada area, we were going to drop a card off to Amy as it is her birthday, and we had a package for Joe.  While there we got a text from Michele, Amy’s mother, about Alex being so very sick with the flue.  Apparently, there is a strain of flu that the 2019 flu shot did not address this year. Sue needed to go home to rest anyway, and since Alex was so sick, we didn’t want to interrupt their family activities. He headed home!

We had just enough time for me to go to the post office to drop off Amy’s birthday card before having to freshen up and head to Melanie’s for our Monday evening ritual of meeting with Irene. We arrived at 4:30 PM and watched the sun drop into the ocean while sharing the latest gossip with Irene.  The gin and tonic hit the spot!!!

Returning home, Sue read, and I did some bill paying and organizing of my camera bags.  We talked to Colleen on the Bat Phone for a while and then called Amy to sing Happy Birthday to her!.

Checking on Alex

As you can see, the apple does NOT fall far from the tree. We talked to Amy, but Joe’s head kept popping up all over the screen, or he would be “walking in a VERY odd fashion” in the background.  We could not keep a straight face.  Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Amy and many many more to come!!

We returned to our evening seats in front of the boob tube and watched several of our series ending up with “Boston Legal,” always a fun way to end the evening.

Before going to bed, I pulled the Old Ranch Dinner Dance photos from the camera and put them into Lightroom so tomorrow I can work on that part of the web.  While at it, I took off the images from New Year’s Eve off all three of my cameras and put them in one place in Lightroom so I can begin sorting through them!

Good night and I leave you with a funny image!

Oh, how true it is!

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