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It’s The Day Before The Day Before And All Through The House

“A Christmas shopper’s complaint is one of long-standing.”

Papa is gettin’ excited.  One more day, and we are off to Disneyland for Sue’s 56th consecutive Christmas Eve visit.  We love it when we are away and feel secure because four of our neighbors are peace officers, and we always notify each other when we leave the house for an extended period! Thank you, Donny, Del, Vicky, and Jack!

Amy’s cup arrived today; we will give it to her Christmas Day when we see them! (Sorry, Joe!)

We finished off the Topper’s Friday Night Mistletoe Ball website early this morning. Please visit and watch the fun we had Friday night!.

It takes a couple of days to get the website’s pages ready as one must a) extract the images from the cameras, b) process the raw photos in Lightroom (crop, color adjust, fix bad spots, and add metadata to the selected photos).


Then the un-populated web pages are generated, images applied to the appropriate pages, captions get added, and navigation between pages get made.  I guess that each dance required about 6-8 hours of post-dance effort to get them ready to go!

Oops, sometimes we add frames to the pictures!

We decided to eat out today, and Italian came to the front of the wish list, so A’Roma, here we come!  I tried to be calorie-careful by having a Ceasar salad and a bowl of soup, but when Sue commented, the pizza was spicey, and I could not help myself.  It took me two pieces to make sure she was correct.

When the waitress came by, I asked if the chef was Mexican, and she confirmed my suspicions.  COmplements to the chef, the pizza was fantastic!

We took enough home for the next several days!

We tried to come directly home, but the Silver Ghost was having none of it; he had a mind of his own.  We could not determine what the car was doing until we turned onto Katella right by the racetrack, and to our surprise, Coldstone Creamery was directly ahead.  Yes, we further destroyed any possibility of a reduced-calorie day when we made our selection of ice cream!

We are weak when it comes to dessert!

So after a full load of great Italian food and a super dessert, the next thing on the calendar was a nap!  Sue slept until almost 7:00 PM, and I maintained an eyes-closed configuration until 5:45 PM.  An extra bit of shut-eye is warranted as tomorrow is the annual visit to Disneyland, Sue’s 56th consecutive Christmas Eve visit!

We watched a Christmas movie before crashing, and it was called “Christmas Inheritance.”  Summary: Before ambitious heiress, Ellen Langford can inherit her father’s business, she must deliver a special Christmas card to her dad’s former partner in Snow Falls. When a snowstorm strands her at the town inn, she discovers the real gift of Christmas.

It was a cute movie, much like a Hallmark presentation. We both enjoyed her transition from an airhead to a caring individual, and of course, falling in love over three days!


We crashed at 10:30 PM as tomorrow is the big day; Sue’s 56th year at Disneyland for Christmas Eve, and we are going with the Lind family, the Duda’s, and the Adams!  Next year we are going for the tri-familalong and have Joe and Amy and their family join us!

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