Santa Is On His Way!

Anyone who believes that men are the equal of women has never seen a man trying to wrap a Christmas present.

We must get moving this morning!

Damn, I am just like a kid!  I could not sleep because I know he is coming today!  Right now (6:45 AM), he is over Eastern Russia, and we are about to take our showers!  In a few minutes, we will be off to Disneyland again for Christmas Eve!

He is on his way!

It’s 8:00 AM and we departed right on time to meet our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids at Catal for breakfast (and visit the big guy!) Come along for the adventure!

We met with Santa, and it took a while, as everyone had a wish list.  Grandma’s and my list was short, and the wishes were being filled as the day went one.  What wish you ask; to be with loving family!

Christmas Eve Morning At Catal In Downtown Disney With Santa Claus And The Family

After the visit, we powered up for the walkthrough Disneyland before the parade! Great food and lots of fun sharing expectations for the day!

Christmas Eve Morning and Remington called an emergency meeting!

Ready to go, we headed to “The Happiest Place On Earth” and checked in to the tour office and got wired up for the tour.  We each got headsets and a radio tuned to the guide, so we didn’t miss and of her story! Join us on tour!

Arrival At Disneyland Getting Checked In

Now we begin the 15,000 step adventure across California Adventure and Disneyland.  Being Disneyland nuts, we knew the spiel forward and back, but it is always fun to get cookies and even to learn something new once in a while!

I met up with beautiful ladies in New Orleans Square (OK, they are Sue and two of our daughters). We miss Colleen!

The walk continues, and we end up at “It’s A Small World,” where we get priority seating, meaning we get a chair and hot chocolate while the parade passes right by us!  Can’t beat that!

Disneyland Christmas Parade 12/24/2019 with family!

We all wait for the end because we all know who is going to be there!  The Big Guy will fly by on his sleigh and wave!

Dinner At Catal Christmas Eve 2019 With Family

Being old often (not always) means you get wise, so after dinner, the Adams and Lind’s headed back tot he park to see the fireworks.  The Duda’s and Liles hit the road as it was approaching 8:00 PM, and we were ready to crash!

We stopped to listen to a little music on the way out!

We brought muscle with us to get the wheelchair back up the walkway tot he parking lot!

Dinner At Catal Christmas Eve 2019 With Family

What a beautiful day.  So happy to see our kids get along so well interacting with one another and sharing the fun of the day.  We are indeed blessed, and next year, Amy & Joe will have to join us, plus somehow Colleen and Mark will need to take part, even if we skype!

Oh, we did put together a short comic version of the day.  Below is part one of eight!

We remember this great day!


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