Tuesday Will Tell The Tale

“I tried to look up impotence on the Internet, but nothing came up.”

First things first, we put out our annual invite to our New Years Eve party we host at Old Ranch Country Club.  Last year we had 106 family and friends and this year the invite went out at 7:00 AM and we had 60 confirmed bt 8:00 AM plus our family.  Wonderful way to start the year surrounded by family.  Pete & Lisa, Mitch, Robin & Bob, Michele & Franklyn, The Liles’ Clan, and this year the Lind Clan and their family.  Wonderful wonferful!!  This year we hired a nice piece orchestra to play Big Bands and a small duet the plays must of the 60’s-80’s!  A little bit of everything!

A great day, the leftovers are gone! Never thought we would see the day the frig was “empty” and no plastic containers.  But alas, we know how to fill it back up.  Taco Surf, here we come  We got a mess of food of which most was taken home only to land back on the frig!  The frig is happy; we are happy!  Life is good!


Everything tastes better after a night in the frig

We did an emergency stop at ColdStone Creamery before meeting Sue’s new PT person at home at 1:30 PM.  Since we were running late, I passed on the ice cream, good thing, as this sickness has not made me lose any weight!

The PT sessions was pretty good and she is coming back  Thursday with a complete set of visual instructions so I can help my bride through this period of time.   After she departed, Sue took a bit of a nap as the sessions was tiring.  I headed to the computer room and did the same thing!  The new office chair is so comfortable.  Yesterday I got a Shiatsu feet massager and wow, it is super.  I sit and type and it sits and rubs my feet, there is magic there somewhere!

We both woke up around 6:00 PM, adjusted outserves and headed to the TV room for a quiet evening of unlaxing! (Yes, I know “un-laxing” is NOT a word but if George Kingfish  Stevens of Amos’ N’ Andy used it all the time, it is a good enough word for me!)

I loved Tim Moore and to this day, I just love to watch his reruns on TV and YouTube!

The TV provided us with plenty of entertainment and I did the tookies about 10:00 PM.  The last of tonight’s meds are gone and the bed awaits my carcasses.

On the way to bed, I checked thephone and answered messages from Robin, Lisa, Michele, and Colleen.  Our daughters are pesky that way!  Gotta tell you this, I was at the market and say a Thanksgiving Card that asked the question “Why was the turkey asked to be in the band?”…  Answer:  “He had the “DRUMSTICKS”.  We immediately bought and sent it to Bob!

Good night all, may tomorrow we a better day!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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