Life Day #22

My day starts and ends with the thoughts of you.

So, what is Life Day?  Twenty-three years ago, on October 23rd, 1997,  we went to the doctors’ office after Sue complained of a sore neck muscle.  It turned out to be a  lymph node that was swollen, which was an indicator of cancer.  The x-rays showed small-cell lung cancer in the lungs.  Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is an aggressive malignancy with a distinct natural history and dismal prognosis.

The day ended right there.  Two days later, we met her oncologist, and we attacked the disease vigorously, meaning we did everything he said to do, plus we went to alternative medicines and other specialists.  Within a year, we stopped the growth, the lesions had disappeared, and we were pronounced “in remission.”  We did, and we have had annual passes since then!

We do not remember where we went to dinner the first couple of years, but after the opening of Downtown Disney in 2001, we have gone to Catal for dinner, making this our eighteenth year at Catal!

We are doing it again for the 21st time!

Our family goes with us, and this year, we have our daughters Robin and Michele, our son Joe and his family, grandson Zachary and his family and Mitch.  We are blessed with the best.  We will miss Colleen, but New Hampshire is a long way away, she will be there in spirit. (Our grandchildren on the east coast have already sent cards and emailed us).  Lisa and Pete called this morning on the bat phone! Jon and Sarah called plus several others.

Before departing, I checked email, and I got a message from Gil Segal, a guy who I have known since kindergarten.  Well, we are going to get together, thanks to  I asked if he liked Indian food, and we got a resounding “Yes, especially Himalayan!”.  He lives in Santa Monica, so I asked if he had a favorite place.  You are NOT going to believe this, but his favorite place is our favorite place on the west side.  We love the same restaurant after almost 70 years!

We arrived at about 12:30 PM and headed to Catal for lunch and a drink!

Sue’s 21st Life Day at Disneyland with family!

Enjoying the happiest place on earth

We walked around and rode the Haunted Mansion.  We then walked Main Street and watched the flag retreat ceremony in town square before going to Catal for dinner!

Sue’s 21st Life Day at Xta with her family

Grandma is in the corner where it is reasonably quiet!

When our family gets together they really visit.  From 5:30 to 9:00 PM is was non-stop talking, laughing, giggling, and other strange noises (thanks to the four grandsons).  Remy, our great-grandson, will soon join in I am sure.


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