It Works! Dang!

The lesson of Halloween is that pretending to be something you’re not will lead to a sweet reward.

We woke up, that’s the start of a good day!

Looking at the Daily Diary, we are coming upon 4,000 daily entries dating back to June 2007.  One a month, I would manually backup everything, which was a pain in the butt, so I got UpdraftPlus and set it up to back up the entire blog every two weeks.  It goes to a remote cloud location, costs about $100/year, and I can move the blog or back the whole thing up with a few mouse clicks!  We just got the first email confirmation of the first successful backup!

Mistake #1, I listened to the news on the radio and heard the latest from the Democrat’s incredible leadership!

Oh no! Say it isn’t so!!

Today we rest.  Juan is coming by at 1:00 to give the Silver Ghost his bi-monthly bath!  We are going to try and rest up for this evening so we can go to the Topper’s Dance Party, and hopefully, Brian and Jan will go with us.

We did lunch from the styrofoam box of Mexican delights, and then I popped over to the market to get the necessities of life, tookie dough!

Our car wash guys are here, so both the Silver Ghost and Gray Lady are getting their bi-weekly baths.  They will be ready to go this afternoon!

We installed three more security cameras, so now the entire house is covered.  Every door and window, plus all entrances inside the house, are now monitors/recorded by Nest cameras.  Nest security cameras are the best!

It’s “spider season,” so we are careful when we walk to the front door!

We rested in the afternoon, hoping to go to Toppers this evening, but alas, Sue was not up to it.  The  Brits came to our house but rode with Vicky and Del to the venue.  We stayed home and watched TV.  It was not a good day.  I was looking forward to getting out of the house for a while!

We are in it for the long run!

We watched our CBS series this evening and headed to the barn about 11:00 PM.  I am sitting here at 11:45, just waiting for the evening’s earthquake to occur.

Good night all!


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