What Next?

What’s the difference between baseball and politics? In baseball, you’re out if you’re caught stealing.

The day started pretty well as Sue was up on her own and ready to rock and roll by 8:30 AM.   We had coffee and talked for a while before heading to the shower.  We are having lunch with Miss Robin today.

Into the closet, I went exploring for this years Halloween shirts.  The count is up to twenty, which is excellent for the rest of the month!  Dapper, I will be at all future events!

I am getting excited about Halloween.  Why do they call me “bubble-butt?”

We went to the Yucatan Grill for lunch, which is always excellent.

Of course, we stopped by Coldstone Creamery on the way home so Miss Sue could get her hit!   A witch greeted me upon entering the store, but I knew that only good witches would be in an ice cream store!

She seemed nice enough!

Then came the hard part!  I had to make a selection!  For Sue, tried and true, dark chocolate and cheese-cake!  ME, natural, chocolate, and chocolate!

Yummy is an understatement

She crashed once we got home as the meds took effect quickly. The garden was calling, so I hit the back yard and the front yard with a vengeance.  I filled the 100-gallon trash can with pomegranate clippings and finished putting in pearlite into the roll-around pots.

Greg dropped by with David for a short visit, and we discussed “the future.”  It’s a long story!

No easy explanation!

We had dinner and watched TV (with tookies) and crashed!  Every day it gets a little better!

OOPS! Sitting here, the entire house “jerked,” and I instantly knew it was an earthquake.  A glance at my watch revealed it was 12:19 AM, and I am in a dark house near Halloween, not lovely.  I brought up the earthquake notification site on the internet and sure enough a 3.7 in Compton.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll


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