Thursday And All Is Well

It’s so hot – I saw two trees fighting over a dog!

We are ready to go…and stay right here all day under the air conditioning. We got an early caller, a nice lady from Medicare doing a followup on Sue’s latest hospitalization. She was quite nice and very informative. I decided to give her a go and it was worth the hour we spent with her.

Next challenge? Mushroom soup! I began cookig several years back and enjoy piddling in the kitchen. Can’t hold a candle to Sue but I enjoy the occasional challenge from the many cooking magazines we take.

While at Ralph’s yesterday, I got three baskets of mushrooms on sale with the thought of making mushroom soup. I sauteed butter and onions and then added mushrooms and vegetarian broth and half-and-half plus the secret ingredient, onion soup mix and voila…wonderful mushroom soup!

Yes, I used a lot of mushrooms!

In the afternoon, we watched some TV as the outside temperature was in the low 90’s. It wasn’t the heat so much as the humidity! According tot he weather bureau, which I always question, the forecast was:

It’s going to be hot tomorrow also!

We got cleaned up to go to the Phoenix Club. Earlier that afternoon, I took some cough medicine to try and clear up a cough but alas, I took too much, and kinda got sick. We stopped by Old Ranch and had a drink until my tummy was feeling to The Phoenix Club at 7:00 PM meeting up with some of the gang! We danced and laughed and shared.

The Reekers showed up and Nancy had beaten the cancer! Yeah! We gave their daughter dance lessons for her wedding and she talked her mom and dad into taking lessons also! Their daughter was a waitress at Seasons 52 and we just hit it off. Good investment as Ron and Nancy still dance and their daughter still dances betwee taking care of three little ones!

Nancy and Ron Reekers

We returned home a little early and again watched some TV before crashing at midnight…after our tookies.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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