Problem Solved!

Friend of mine bought a Rolex but the glass popped off and then the mechanism came loose and fell to the floor… I said watch out!

So all that Lenox glassware needed a home so I decided to split it between Lisa and Colleen… they like the fancy stuff and it gets out of my closet! Yeah! It’s on its way! Hello closet space. I wished I could remember how I got it? My faded memory says it was something about Mitch but I just can’t remember? Oh well, it has a good home now!

No surgery today…my plastic surgeon had a family emergency so I am waived off until the 18th at 8:00 AM. After getting the notice and rescheduling, I quickly called Maria, Sue’s hair wizard, and we popped over there for a quick cut.

Sue got her ears lowered (Arkansasism for hair cut) and afterword we went to Old Ranch for a drink and negotiations!…. Yeah! The Old Ranch New Years Eve Party is going to be in the main room. We will be inviting 130 of our friends to join us for New Years Eve with the Nine Carat Gold orchestra and singers…Yeah! I must send the reminder out this evening so people will keep the date open! Many choose to stay at the local hotel…walking distance from the club!

Fun with family! Connor had already departed and Mitch departed with his date… We really missed Colleen and Joe but perhaps next year?

Take a gander at the movie below…just great fun!

Last Year New Years Eve

After a drink at Old Ranch. we scooted home to buy a cake for Sunday’s Birthday celebrations. Then to Patty’s Place for another drink (and a visit with Chuck) before going home. We sat around the bar for an hour visiting the locals and swapping stories.

One of the people had Alexa’s around the house and their kids said to Miss Alexa “Set alarm for 3:00 AM and then 3:15 AM and then 3:30 AM”. Mom and Dad did not think that very funny.

Arriving home, Sue read for a while and I did some arranging in the garage…had to put all the “consumables” in one single place! After I began doing the marketing as Sue was not able, I bought cases of TP, paper towels, kleenex from Amazon but my ordering got out of hand… I could not open my own market! But it’s all in one place, I can see the boxes, and I have a system!

Froggie keeps an eye on things!

Time to watch TV, have our tookies, and crash! About tookies…for the last year, I set the dial on 350 and determined 16 minutes was perfect. OK, out of curiosity, I got an accurate oven thermometer and decided to adjust the dial so that the inside temperature would be 350 degrees. Easy piezy, but, I didn’t think about adjusting the time so…I burnt the tookies. We are going back to 350 as indicated on the knob and 16 minutes…so bye to an accurate inside temperatiure!

While doing the daily diary I heard Mr. Raccoon again. This time, I got rid of him without water! I turned on my powerful flashlight and set it for rapid blink…like a strobe light…made him dizzy because as he walked down the wall, he fell over hit the ground and scampered away shaking his head!

“OK I am going away… BTW, I prefer the water to the strobe light!”

After setting UpDraftPlus to backup this blog, I crashed! We have 154 months in the blog so far. The backup software chunks the blog into 400 MB pieces and automatically saves it to three of our backup locations but it takes a full day to happen.

Good night all for tomorrow brings more wondrous things!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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