We Were Off In A Cloud Of Dust

I told Sue I needed more spaceā€¦ She locked me outside!

It’s going to be a beautiful day!

The day began with a large dose of June Gloom. We did not see the sun until 11:00 AM when we entered San Juan Capistrano…going inland a mile made all the difference in the world! But I digress…..

A walk in the garden is always a wonderful way to start the day but alas, the pumpkin who ate Detroit is taking over the apple and nectarine trees and laying all over the variegated fig! It needs a trim real bad!

The nectarine, fig, and apple trees are hidden by the pumpkin vines

The walk is over, the hot shower is done, and the Silver Ghost is ready for the 45 minute run down the 405! Gitty-Up Go! GPS has been loaded, the button pushed and we are off and running!

Cold when we departed Rossmoor but nice when we returned

The trip was about 45 minutes making it about half-way between Pete & Lisa’s place and ours. We got to the restaurant first and I ordered a bottle of Cakebread chardonnay…they had a good price in the 2016 vintage. Pete and Lisa showed up soon thereafter.

Did You Know? Sundried Tomato is a gem of a bistro located in the historic area of Downtown San Juan Capistrano. Opened in 2003, it is partially nestled into the vintage Valenzuela Adobe dating from the 1800s, and thus embraces a beautiful, early Spanish exterior.

Situated halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, and only a few blocks from the I-5 Freeway and Amtrak Station, Sundried Tomato is a convenient place to meet for lunch, dinner or a relaxing weekend brunch while visiting the area. It is  walking distance from the historic San Juan Capistrano Mission, upscale Regency Theater, numerous interesting shops and an antique mall, and the laid back, shade-filled Los Rios District.

We jabbered and talked and laughed and giggled from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM. Great visit! Great fun!

Wine is gone…tummies are full…giggles continue…a great visit!

We talked about everything and everyone. They are going to stay with us over July 4th since they are coming to Old Ranch for the celebration! More time to visit!

After lunch, we went our ways but with many plans for the next few months!

To the garden… Paul and the mighty shears dive into the pumpkin plant, crawling on hands and knees under the fig and just past the apple tree…standing up…ready to prune!

Where do I start, no…the answer is NOT the beginning! I carefully peeled back the pumpkin vine to reveal the little fig, apple and nectarine trees and with the precision of a surgeon…my scalpel (shears) sliced and diced carefully removing the tumor from the vital organs (trees)! I think I have been watching too much of Grey’s Anatomy.

Tossing the cuttings so very carefully over the vegetation and aiming for the 100 gallon barrel I realized that I would never be a basket ball player. I was 50% from the free-throw line!

Ah… we can see the apple tree again!

It’s now 6:00 PM and time to come in…and the porch light didn’t even flash! Sue did however yell my name! We had a glass of our wine while I washed the gallon of string beans I just picked.

Good night garden,.,,sleep well See you in the morning!

The computer notified me the mailman had arrived bringing us some bills and I pay them as they come in…three mouse clicks and the bills disappear…thank you technology! Bank of America is pretty good with their on-line services!

We watched some episodes of NCIS New Orleans and NCIS before changing to our regular Grey’s Anatomy and Gillmore Girls. Tookies at 10:00 PM. But at 11:00 PM, something new. Sue said “Don’t you want some pie?”… I thought about it and the answer was yes but to keep the caloric intake minimized, I took the pie filling (leaving the calorie ridden crust alone) and used Cool Whip for the bed to hold the filling. Good groceries. I asked Sue what was her reasoning and it was to empty the frige…or at lease reduce the footprint of the contents! We crashed at midnight!

Riddel solved!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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