Day Two Of Week Twenty Five!

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. – Albert Einstein!

Pete brought Lisa “home” to meet us about seventeen years ago!
Dang, they look so young…oh…they were young

Week twenty five (week 25 is from Monday, June 17, 2019 until (and including) Sunday, June 23, 2019.) …OMG, that means the year is half gone…obliterated from future calendar entries…Oh dear!

Heading out the door I reminded Sue that I could be back early if the leg doesn’t hold up…sure enough, after 45 minutes here I can dragging my butt up the walkway…the legs would not hold up. My only choice is to rest,,,work around the house and take it easy.

After getting home and NOT making it ot the market, I jumped in the Silver Ghost and went to Ralph’s to get supplies…tookie dough was running low. Since I go to the market several times a week, the “little old ladies” know me and I am often stopped, asked to reach things on the upper shelf and I give great directions on where to find things! I wonder if Ralph’s would hire me part time as a greeter? Then to Staples for some additional plastic organizing boxes.

Returning home, we did lunch. I needed protein so I did two eggs, a ham steak and two Jimmy Dean spicy pork sausages. While at the market I saw a special on mushrooms (the expiration date was coming up soon) so I chopped them up and added to the eggs…super lunch!

Good stuff…cleans out the sinuses!

After lunch I began working in the garage…always something to do there! On the front of the house, I replaced a security light with a normal light as the security light was “overkill”. I cleaned up my files (nope… NOT computer files!) and sorted through some loose hardware putting the pieces in their proper homes.

We had two portable 18″ fans we used for dancing but the Santa Ana Ekls now has air conditioning so I hung them up in the rafters, aimed them towards the word area, and connected them to the network using an Alexa power adaptor. Love talking tot he shop… “Alexa, turn on Garage Fan #1” and voila, air begins to flow!

I placed a lot of loose parts into labeled boxes and moved them to the portable racks stationed around the garage.

Vicky came over with her brother and was giving a back yard garden tour…I should have recorded it as she did well. They were amazed at the pumpkin plant…so are we…as it now has eight pumpkins growing! We also found it growing up the back side of the apple tree and a pumpkin is trying to grow eight feet int he air…must trim!

They are always in the sun so naturally….

Our granddaughter-in-law, Sarah, keeps us posted about Jon and this morning. This morning the report was”

Report: Pain wise for Jon good! Stuck here for another week… keeping the drain in… another dye scan Monday or Tuesday to determine if the 2mm hole has closed and healed! Surgery is off the table for now.. He gets a pick line put in tonight to have nutrients feed thru… still ice chips and popsicles.

Tomorrow we are going to San Juan Capistrano which is half way between Pete & Lisa and us. We are going to have lunch and celebrate their 15th anniversary at the Sundried Tomato American Bistro. We have been going there with Pete and Lisa for ten years now. Vegetarian friendly and an eclectic collection of plates to on their menu!

We can see the Mission San Juan Capistrano from the tables in the bistro!

We messed around the house and then watched TV before crashing. We have CBS-All Access so all their TV programs are available with out commercials and streamed directly to the 80″ big screen. Alexa makes it so all we have to do is talk and the TV follows directions! we watched NCIS, Bull, and the latest Madam Secretary.

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