Father’s Day Has Arriven! I Shall Be Pamperd!

When I was born my father spent three weeks trying to find a loophole in my birth certificate.

It’s that day…time to celebrate…and we did! Our son, Joe, was the first to call…at 6:30 AM. He was already at the baseball field with Alex and Charlie. We kinda decided that we would celebrate with him next week as baseball seized the day! Robin, our oldest daughter, and Joe had already talked as we had plans to all be together. So, we went out with the Duda’s today! Sure glad our kids talk…makes life easier for us.

Seems the phone was busy all day as we got calls from New Hampshire including Colleen, Mark, Jon, Sarah, Cassie, and Jackie. On the west coast we got calls from Robin, Amy, Zachary, Becca, Michele, Franklyn, Mitch, Lisa, Pete, and several friends where I am considered “Dad!”.

Grandson Zack and Remy!

Weasel is still in the hospital but doing better. We we will know tomorrow about the additional surgery plans…if any! He is having second thoughts about his contracting profession and that is likely a good thing.

The Weasel called from his hospital bed!

10:30 AM and we are off like a shot the P.F. Changs in Long Beach Rainbow Harbor for lunch with Robin, Bob, and Nick! The Silver Ghost was ready, willing, and able. Transitioning to warp speed is easier now that we learned what to do at Disneyland this past week!

We had the table full of food today!

After pigging out on Chinese, we went to the pier and jumped on the 45 minute harbor tour. Great fun watching all the ships.

Thank you dearest daughter for putting this on today!

After the cruise, we headed to Old Ranch to have one more drink before going home. Arriving at home, we watched some TV and then crashed…tookies of course. It was a great Father’s Day!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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