Do You Remember The Studebaker???

If you had friends like mine, you’d be the luckiest guy in the world!

What happened? My sorry butt did not get up until almost 8:30 AM! Unheard of…usually I am up at 6:00 AM ready to go! Of course, after determining the time, I jumped up and headed for the kitchen to visit my bride and I passed a mirror. Big mistake! The ol’ eyes seemed not to be working yet…the older I get, the longer it takes in the morning for them to focus. Intentional, I think so! Then I remembered:

This is a good thing!

While I was looking at Facebook this morning (I needed my family fix) I saw the following advertisement. Wow… talk about memories! Our neighbors, when I was growing us, was a Studebaker person. Harry Gillick only owned Studebakers and would fight with the other neighbors to convince them this was the only brand to buy! They had four that I remember of starting with the “three-titter” and ending with an Avanti. Listen to the smooth advertisement.

Did You Know? Studebaker  was an American automobile manufacturer based in South Bend, Indiana. Founded in 1852 and incorporated in 1868[1] as the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company, the firm was originally a producer of wagons for farmers, miners, and the military.

Studebaker entered the automotive business in 1902 with electric vehicles and in 1904 with gasoline vehicles, all sold under the name “Studebaker Automobile Company”. Until 1911, its automotive division operated in partnership with the Garford Company of Elyria, Ohio, and after 1909 with the E-M-F Company. The first gasoline automobiles to be fully manufactured by Studebaker were marketed in August 1912.  Over the next 50 years, the company established a reputation for good quality and reliability. 

After years of financial problems, the company merged in 1954 with luxury carmaker Packard to form the Studebaker-Packard Corporation. However, Studebaker’s financial problems were worse than the Packard executives had thought. The Packard marque was phased out, and the company returned to the Studebaker Corporation name in 1962. The South Bend plant ceased production on December 20, 1963, and the last Studebaker automobile rolled off the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, assembly line on March 17, 1966.

Studebaker Commercial (1950s)

Studebaker Commercial (1950s)

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Studebaker was a good care…ahead of its time in many cases

Time to walk and walk I did. Off to Staples to for some shopping and getting exercise at the same time! I did wear my black sweats and I was sorry as it was HOT…got into the 90’s my mid afternoon! I was not the only one!

Felt good to be out and about!

As usual, the finger was trigger happy and I collected several shots as the walk progressed.

We had lunch after returning home and at dessert time, I got a smile on my face and headed outside to get fresh blackberries! OMG, that bush is so full!!! Added to Cool Whip, I have a dessert I can live with!

So good and so many!

After lunch I complete the Old Ranch Website and then headed to Long Beach Town Center in the Toyota Avalon…damn, I love that care. 135.000+ miles and it runs like a top and so easy to drive. I swear I am going to buy another one in December for my 75th birthday even though this one is perfect…it is a 2006!

Fun with friends!

Of course after arriving at the shopping center the Lowe’s Sirens beckoned my to enter the tool department and being weak of mind and body, I succumbed and entered. I had to buy an electronic laser measuring device (to add to my collection), a set of picks, and a 1/4″ socket set…I mean, what can a man do?

Three doors down was Wine & More…the real purpose of the visit. Leaving Wine & More I stacked my shopping spree into the roomy back seat and sped off down the 605 anxious to get home and be with my bride!

Sue does the Rose and Chard… I do the Cab…We both like the Brut
(She always tells me “You’re such a BRUT”)

Sue and I sat and had a glass of wine and talked for an hour about nothing! We just enjoy each others company so we do that a lot. Finally it was time to clean up and get ready for dinner. We are dining with Amy & Joe and the kids plus Mark (Colleen’s husband) who is in town.

Panda Inn here we come. We sat and yammered for a couple of hours and enjoyed ourselves with tales of yesteryear all while dining of excellent Chinese food.

Charlie, Amy, Joe, Alex, Paul, Sue, and Mark

So wonderful that our family gets along and enjoys each others company. Joe, Mark and I just cracked up the whole evening while Amy and Sue just shook their heads! Of course, at the end, the traditional picture must be taken!

Rabbit ears for all!

Mark headed back to San Diego for another few days of work and perhaps we will see hime again but this week is extraordinarily busy for us as we are going to Disneyland twice (Tuesday & Thursday) to see Star Wars Land!

The girls managed to squeeze in a few words edgewise between the Mark, Paul and Joe wise-cracks!

After dinner we headed for home and remarked about the beautiful sky. It was well past 8:00 PM and the sky was awash in a pallet of pink and blue pastels…magnificent!

We settled in after the delightful visit still chortling at the “funnies” provided by Joe, Mark, and yours truly. We went to bed a little early as we must be Disneyland in the morning to meet Amy, Joe, Charlie, and Alex at the Blue Bayou for lunch prior to our four-hour reserved visit to Star Wars Land.

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