Hump Day And That Is Good!

My wife says I have a preoccupation with vengeance. We’ll see about that.

The Sun popped up at 5:44 AM this morning and I popped up at 7:44 AM. I tried to catch up all day! It was a good day as the sky was clear, I was able to make it out of bed, and the birds were flying backwards to see where they had been!

No walking tis morning… I discovered something very interesting!

The passersby think I am crazy… I am sly like a fox!

It was cool, not cold, and I felt an errand in the wind! Time to to go Ralph’s and pick up some groceries but we had to be fast as we planned to meet Robin for lunch. Into the Silver Ghost and with a mighty increase in RPM, I scooted down the street leaving a trail of leaves fluttering in my tailwind, and approached 15 miles per hour in mere minutes. The school kids were on their way to school so the Silver Ghost and I could not transition to warp speed.

Did You Know? Warp 9.99 is approximately 7,912 times the speed of light. As you approach Warp 10 (infinite speed), your velocity increases exponentially. Warp 9.9 is half the speed of warp 9.99 and warp 9.9999 is over 30 times faster than warp 9.9.

Eyes to the sky as we make the first turn! A beautiful day it was turning out to be!

Beautiful! Do you see the face…Look hard..The person is older!

Arriving at Ralph’s I met Mr. Duck, an escapee from Old Ranch. He had installed himself in MY parking spot and he refused to move.. he wanted a handout. Fearless, I pulled into the adjacent stall, rolled down the window, leaned out and asked his permission to leave my car. Mr. Duck’s response quacked me up… it was “No! I get fed here by the nice shoppers”. I shrugged and sent inside!

Mine eye observed the strawberries and I could not resist. One package for home…one was destined to the next door neighbors (for the elderly grandma and her grandkids)

Berries, cherries, bacon, ham, eggs, tookies (unbaked), and other miscellaneous stuff…I was done. Approaching the checkout I became aware of my failure to bring a reusable bag! I asked a nice lady in front of me to “Please pull by cart behind you I must run to the car because if I come home with one more bag, I night get shot!”. The lady laughed and agreed! The Silver Ghost appreciate having one of the 56,453 bags removed from the back seat…makes jumping to warp speed easier.

Today is hump day meaning our cleaning staff will be coming which means we go to lunch! Choices… choices…choices…choices. Being diverse and trying not to act with “white priviledge” we decided no Mama’s, no grilled cheese…it was either Thai, Mexican. Chinese, Italian, Indian, Greek, or Soul Food…We opted for Indian! Himalayan Grill, here we come!

Robin called and could not make it…rats! Work is such a pain in the butt. However, we will join her tomorrow at Yucatan Grill (Mexican) or CPK (Italian). A week without Robin is a week without sunshine.

As usual, we had a great meal and talked with the staff who we know pretty well. We did our standard faire and I added the Chilli Chicken Tika to the list of goodies to dine on. I wanted to see what others we take to the Himalayan Grill rave about. It is Tika and not Tikka! Tika is Indian for a piece of meat.

Did You Know? The tikka is a red dot of vermilion paste applied on the forehead, between the eyebrows. This spot is considered the centre of latent wisdom and concentration. It is also the spot where the third, or spiritual, eye is said to reside. … Indian women belonging to certain sects wear the tikka as a sign of marriage.

Lunch is over and Sue gets that “Sly Come Hither Look”… What can it be? Am I going to get lucky? Then it dawns on me… 1) we are out to lunch, 2) we just had hot spicy food, and 3) our cleaning people just arrived.

Running those numbers into my cerebral calculator, checking for wind direction, and dividing the answer by the 4th and 5th digits of my Social Security Number I determined she is asking to go to Cold Stone Creamery.

At Coldstone Creamery they are thinking about affixing a brass name tag to our chairs as we visit there quite a bit

Tunnies full, ice cream putting out the fire, tongues beginning to have feeling again we returned to chores! Sue did some cooking and I worked in the garden cleaning out the peas and transplanting the onions to the front yard making room for another planting of corn!

While in the garage, I felt a tickle on by fanny…ah ha…the iPhone was on vibrate. I let it go three times before quickly reaching back and answering it. It was our daughter Michele. Sue was in the house so Michele and I talked for thirty minutes about kids, plans, gardens, travel, Catalina, July 4th and other stuff. We are just like two old ladies!

Then the iPhone went off again… Lilly, our oldest Great Granddaughter texted us a picture of her at Disneyland celebrating her birthday with her grandma Peanut.

Lilly is celebrating being five years old! Count ’em, FIVE

Alexa sounded off…alerting us to our next social event…dinner with our son Mitch! We decided Old Ranch would be great and we met him there at 5:30 PM dining and talking until almost 7:45 PM. We discussed all the family, his work, and plans for the 4th of July. He is doing so well and he is now head of operations for his firm.

Great news as the firm just bought a “small” company based in Reno and Mitch will be running that operation with about 800 customers…perfect! He is already looking for property in the surrounding area on which to build a retirement home..adjacent ot a lake we are sure.

As we departed, the sun was setting

Homer Sweet Home… We took up our official positions in front of the TV with Alexa doing our bidding! ALEXA! Turn on Netflix and find Grey’s Anatomy! “Yes Sir”…we have her trained!

We have 12 Alexa/Echo devices around the house and I love to use the announcement feature. It’s usually something like “Sue, I Love You” and the messages gets announced on all 12 devices by maybe a second apart…sounds like echos in the Grand Canyon!

She is in training for “Alexa, please make some tookies” but so far, it has been a bust!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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