Mother’s Day 2019

My mother gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, she believed in me. 

It’s Mother’s Day and time to celebrate with some memories. After Sue and I married, it was wonderful to have our mothers be excellent friends. They would talk all the time, get together, add my aunts to the mix, and just have a great time. We lost Georgia in 1990 and then Rita in 1999 but we had several years to enjoy them together.

Dad and Mom… 1945 (70+ years ago) …Yes, that is me!

Sue’s Mom was someone very special. She was perhaps my best friends for many years and we spent a lot of time together. She, like us, loved Disneyland. She also loved family and loved Colleen and the other one.

Oh, did we say Disneyland? We have done Disneyland almost every year on Mother’s Day taking our family and the Zaitz plus Cyndy!

Mothers’s Day 2009 at Disneyland

This year was no different. We are in thePiccolo Room at Catal which seats exactly eighteen…a perfectly round number! We figured Zachary and Becca would be with their family and found out after the fact they were also at Disneyland…it would have been wonderful to have them also with the gang. Colleen and Lisa called in (Skype) and visited everyone.

Left: The Gang; Center: Us; Right: Amy & Joe and the Boys!
Enjoying our family…and loving it!
Thank you Robin & Bob, Michele & Franklyn, and Joe & Amy!

We sat around dining and talking until 9:00 PM and everyone had to peel out, kids had to crash, and we had to head for the hills! It is so very nice that everyone gets along so well and no one messes the visit up becuase of their attitude. GREAT!

Returning home about 9:30 PM, we watched the fireworks in the rear-view mirror of the Silver Ghost! We are using the “Mood” feature of the lighting system so as we pull in to the garage, I punched “Watch TV” and voila, all the living room and kitchen lights, including the bar, were set to 3000K at 15%. Romantic indeed. Kelvin measure of the color of a light source relative to a black body at a particular temperature expressed in degrees Kelvin (K). … Warm white LED Lamps have a color temperature between 2700-3500K. Lamps rated between 5000K and 6000K are viewed as white, while lamps above 6000K tend to have a blue cast.

Romantic is a great way to enter the home!

We watched some TV, answered a couple of phone messages (Happy Mother’s Day) and crashed!

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