Wednesday Be Here!

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We are up bright and early visiting with Colleen before she departs for a round of visiting today as tomorrow she departs for places unknown…New Hampshire…which begs the questions, where is Old Hampshire?

We are going to lunch with Robin since we missed her yesterday. Our oldest daughter is a delight, always something positive to say about the world and others! Makes for a good day! Our youngest daughter is always a hoot! Put the two together and its “watch out…damn the torpedos…full speed in any direction!

Sisters doing their thing!
Pre-Easter 2019 Luncheon At The Himalayan Grille In Sunset Beach

We did CPK and I tried the flatbread, a whole 340 calories…it was good, I be full!

Returning home, I attacked the front yard security light which stopped working. It turned out to be a loose connection at a junction where the screw-on cap was not forcing the wires to make contact. I got out the trusty soldering iron and that will never be a problem again!

In the afternoon, I worked on Catalina as it is coming up soon. This will be our seventeenth year of making the trek to the island and dancing the weekend away to the dreamy music of the 1930’s and 1940’s in the Catalina Ballroom. This year we have six other couples, several of which have gone with us for years and years now! Great fun!

Mitch called and we are going dinner with him (and hopefully Colleen). He needs to rest as he is doing serious baby sitting this weekend as Zack & Becca have an event taking the out of town.

Our Son-In-Law has become a terrific Grandpa!

We decided to go to Patty’s Place this evening. Since none of us drink anymore, going out is approaching economical! We were given the best seat ion the house by our favorite bartender. We got to mix it up with the “regulars”.

Colleen had dinner with Joe and family tonight, her brother. She spent a good deal of the day with Amy (Joe’s beautiful bride) and finally got to our house about 9:30 PM where we caught up onthe days activities.

We watched Gilmore GIrls together until 11:30 PM at which time Colleen had to get ready to leave (her limo comes at 4:00 AM — driven by non other that the famous Shaun Ward).

Good night all.

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