Happy Birthday Kyle!

I asked my friend a question while he was eating an orange, but all I got was a pithy response.

First things first…our morning 8:00 AM teleconference call to Lisa C. We say hello every morning…it’s a nice tradition! She is like one of the family…always something nice to say and always positive. Pete had already gone to work a couple of hours earlier.

BTW, Pete’s company, with 40,000 employees, made Pete “Employee Of The Year”… Not too bad being one our of 40,000! We are proud of him. Both of our ex-Son-In-Laws are doing great these days. Mitch just got a nice promotion and will be running a sector of Direct TV!

Late morning I cleaned my guns including both shot guns! I do it in the garage so I have plenty of room and plenty of sunlight!

We are well armed and so are our friends…

Today was a do nuthin’ day! Did I say nutin’? Oops, forgot who we are. Bright and early we headed to Taco Surf to meet up with “The Old Guys”. Many of the folks who used to work for Sue and are now retired get together every two months and celebrate retirement.

Our daughter, Robin, joined us as she still works for Boeing in Seal Beach. We had a great time just sharing. There were ten of us. Everyone except Sue and I are tea teetolers so we bought lunch as our bill was equal to the other eight! Duh! I like my marguritas.

We tell stories and laugh a lot. I told them ab out my recent experience when I was invited to a “Gender Reveal” party. It was a bit embarassing!

Returning home, it was time for a nap to sleep off the margarita’s but then, another party! We are party animals. It was Kyle’s 44th birthday! He used to work for me in the classified world…amazing programmer and systems engineer. He and his wife still invite us “old folks” to their parties where we are, by far, the oldest…by 30 years!

It keeps us young to hang around “the kids”…and he is now 44! We have known him for almost twenty years! Wow! We be old! We planned to stay 20 minutes but two hours and a few drinks and taco’s later we departed for home!

Back to home and the trusty TV to see more Eureka! We only have five more episodes remaining before we have to find something else…. it will be sad but the 74 episodes we have watched were pretty good!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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