Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I went out drinking on St Patricks Day, so I took a bus home…That may not be a big deal to you, but I’ve never driven a bus before!

Blessings to our friends and family!

Today we celebrate…all is green with the world. We are having company over at 1:00 PM. We love having company come join in on celebrations. I always wanted a lot of friends and I now have my wish! We have been cooking since early in the morning as we have seven pounds of corned beef. Since I am watching what I eat, I decided eight ounces is all I get at a setting.

Sliced corned beef with cabbage on a cutting board

Corned beef isn’t exactly a healthy choice for dinner. Let’s just say you should save it for St. Patrick’s Day only. And even then you might want to balance it with a healthy dose of Guinness. Although it contains good amounts of vitamin B12 and zinc, corned beef is high in cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium. Maybe that’s why I like it so much! With A-1 sauce and spicy German mustard…wonderful! My bride is the greatest cook ever!

While cooking with my bride, we tele-called Jon, Colleen, Lisa, Amy and Robin! We are the only ones doing corned beef? While listening to soft Irish music, the radio interrupted with a historical announcement! History in the making…AOC introduced a bill into Congress! I shall treasure this!

Did better than I would have thought! She apparently didn’t eat the crayon first!

Meanwhile…we are enjoying a glass of wine await our guests to arrive. The whole house smells like corned beef and cabbage! Yeah!

I took a nap after lunch and got prepared to go to Cerritos Performing Arts Center with other friends to see The Dublin’s Irish Tenors & The Celtic Ladies!

What an amazing event!!! We were in row five center… It was fantastic!

We have done Cerritos for so may years that our seats are perfect…we do NOT like front row but anything between 5 and 10 are perfect! We met Brian and Jan there at 6:30 PM so it was gin & tonic time before the performance! Great fun!

A sea of green and gray!

After the show, we headed home to watch some TV and make tookies before crashing! This begins an amazingly busy week!

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