We Love The 5th! Maybe We Will Have One?

Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend.

We are kinda celebrating today…Aunt Kaye is moving to an assisted care facility in Stockton. Now we can stop worrying all the time. The mobile home was just too much for her as it required climbing stairs and frankly it was worn out. This means we will be doing an overnighter to San Jose to Stockton and home in the next few days.

It’s so difficult to have to “make” someone leave their home but we say “hats off” to Gayla, our cousin, who stepped up and told Mom how it had to be. She is a good daughter and a great cousin!

Finally I have a complain for Honda! I bought the new navigation system update and it is sooooooo complicated. They wanted a “security code”… say what? What security code? Then a password, what password. I gave up and am going to drop the silly thing by Honda and say do it!

I walked today! First time in a couple of months. Sue is doing great and I figured being out of the house for two hours would be OK especially since I have the indoor security cameras and I can check on her.

I had some shopping to do at Ralph’s Market

On the way out the front gate, I snapped a picture of one of our many orange trees… note to self, make orange juice tomorrow!

Tomorrow I am going to be squeezing!

Speaking of Ralph’s… I have converted most everything to digital and as I shop at Ralph’s, I use their site. Now I can check on everything I buy and keep a listing of it. Example from their website of my last two visits to Ralph’s.

Neat, huh?

I had cereal for lunch as I am going back on a real diet (meaning controlling my input) until I get back to 200 pounds. So far; so good!

We were supposed to go to the aquarium this evening for the prom but with the rain forecast, we stayed home. We watched TV instead. We crashed about 10:15 PM after our tookies…and yes, I only had one small tookie this evening.

Sounds terrible but I had to leave the TV area last night as I was so mad at the shows shoving their politics down our throat. Three series in a row were pushing the gay agenda…3-4% of the population (if that) are shoving it down our throats…I am personally sick of it!

Enough of the rant… Subject change!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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