Holy Mackrel* We Have 30 Doctors!

Doctor’s office: All our records are electronic now just fill out these 12 forms!

* One thing most experts agree on is that the phrase is a euphemism for Holy Mary. Blurting “Holy Mackerel” instead of taking the Madonna’s name in vain is along the same line as saying “Darn it all,” “Oh, fudge,” or my mom’s personal favorite, “God… Bless America.”  George Stevens, the Kingfish, used this term all the time!

So, we have a new doctor to go see and I, of course, added him to our phone book (electronic, that is) and whoa…we have 30 different doctors we see.  Thank goodness they are not all seen at the same time or we would be in the poor house!  When I grew up, we have one doctor and all the magic came from his little back bag!

I headed to the market to get the goodies I ned to feed us for the next few days…$86 dollars and three bags later I am ready to cook…err, warm… err, reheat!

The cold I got from the hospital has finally kicked in and I thought I could ignore it.  But, at the ripe ol’ age approximating 75, my “wiseness” took over and I went to the doctor.  After an exam, listening to my chest, and a couple of x-rays I walked out with two prescriptions and instructions to rest!  I tried to get the doctor to recommend Sue feed me Bon-Bon’s while I lounge on the sofa but alas, he would not go that far!

It took three hours to see the doctor and get the prescriptions!  Waste of time BUt on the bright side, pneumonia was probably averted.

Traffic was terrible as I was out and about at 5:00 PM.

Random Memory:  We had traffic on occasion even back in the 1850’s This picture is from La Cienaga and Venice Blvd, right where I gre up, taken in 1952.  Dig the cars!

Checkout the traffic signal in the middle of the street!

Returning home, Sue got to take her shower…first one since Monday morning at 4:00 AM. She was a happy camper!

We turned to the trusty ol’ TV where I called up “CBS All Access”  and we watched Tuesday night’s NCIS without commercials!  It’s worth the $5.00/month charge!  We crashed about 11:30 PM.

I stayed up another 30 minutes to catch an episode of Amos & Andy! Enjoy!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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  1. Michael R Anderson says:


    You two are really going thru it…

    Hang in there … we love you and am glad that you are there Paul to cook (warm up) clean (sweep it under the rug) and was her hair…

    Bad Mike and Brigitte

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