She Is Coming Home!

Statistically, six out of seven dwarfs are not Happy!

What a night… Up at 3:00 AM and getting ready for her arrival… washed the dishes, did the laundry…made the bed…fed the chickens…washed the duck!  We are ready!

I got over to the hospital at 10:00 AM and went into CCU (she needed to be wired up and carefully monitored after cutting into her carotid artery for a period of 24+ hours.  She arrived in CCU Monday at 10:00 AM and departed for a surgery recovery room at 4:30 PM Tuesday. 

Did You Know? The main feature of coronary care is the availability of telemetry or the continuous monitoring of the cardiac rhythm by electrocardiography. This allows early intervention with medication, cardioversion or defibrillation, improving the prognosis. As arrhythmias are relatively common in this group, patients with myocardial infarction or unstable angina are routinely admitted to the coronary care unit. For other indications, such as atrial fibrillation, a specific indication is generally necessary, while for others, such as heart block, coronary care unit admission is standard,

After being moved to the regular surgical recuperation area, the doc came in and released her about 7:00 PM.  I took her prescriptions to CVS Pharmacy at 6:30 PM and came right back to pick her up! 

The sun was starting to set

We had to pick up the drugs at 8:00 PM so we decided to stop at CPK…Sue wanted a glass of wine to help her relax!

Good grub and excellent service – They know us by now

Sue asked to sit in the corner so no one could see her…just out of the hospital so she had her “grubbies” on…she looked beautiful to me!  You can see the stitches which are vertical on the neck…the other place is the “drain hole” where they captured the residual leakage from the surgery.  No show until Thursday morning!

We returned home at 8:30 PM and watched TV util 11:45 PM at which time I was comatose!  Head on pillow to sound asleep in 23 seconds flat!

We have to see the surgeon for a follow up in about a week and then get the OK for the next step!

Now, the next procedure is the brain aneurism repair so today we will find out the next steps along that path! 

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