OMG! The Rooster Is Still Asleep!

It’s True: God created the sleep, and the devil created an alarm clock.

Today’s adventure began at Oh Dark O’Clock!  It looked like when we went to bed but that is because we just did!  We must depart the house at 5:15 AM to make it ot the hospital at 5:30 AM so we have 75 minutes to become beautiful again!

A small but nice hospital!

We pulled up in front of the hospital at 5:15 AM and walked right in…the checkin procedure was pretty easy!  By 6:00 AM she was in pre-op and by 7:30 AM the doc was there, the anesthesiologist was doing her thing! Off she goes!

So I hear you would like chardonnay as your pain killer of choice?

I went to the main lobby to wait and was surprised that when the main lobby doors opened, it seemed to be hot outside? Hot? It’s supposed to rain tomorrow?

It got up to 91 at 2:30 PM… Surprise!

Due to family and friends, I was not alone.  Thanks to Robin, Michele, and Irene I had no time to worry…we were too busy “gabbing”!

They stayed with me until she was out of the OR and in recovery!

Since she was going into CCU which severely limits the number of visitors, they took off about noon time.  It was so nice to be surrounded by love ones.  The ol’ text machine (iPhone) was quite busy also!  Thanks to Colleen and Joe (our other daughter and son) for the calls and support!

When the doc came in, he said the surgery went a little longer because they have some air in one of the lines plus the artery was opened up longer than planned to remove more of the plaque than they planned.

Rooto-Rooter at your service!

I got to visit her at 1:00 PM and guess what, she wanted to go home!  I stayed until 3:00 PM before I departed for lunch and headed home to rest.  Returning at 6:00 PM, she was doing well and had cottage cheese for dinner…the hospital does not understand vegetarians!

It should be easy to have a few cans around the hospital?

I departed about 7:45 PM to go home and rest…I was so tired, I crashed at 9:30 PM only to wake up at 2:00 AM (hence, the early morning post!).

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