They’re Off In A Cloud Of Dust

Indeed: Everything is nicer when shared with a niece!

Hannah and Lisa are leaving for San Jose this afternoon but not after two very successful days fattening up their Unkle Paul!

We went to Old Ranch this morning and while Hannah held Unkle Paul down, Lisa force fed him a large Burrito and a side of ham! Meanwhile, Sue just watches and giggled at the antics! On the way out, Paul stopped at the weight machine which is supposed to talk…damn thing insulted him!

OK, Paul may have embellished the story a tad or two…but we did have a large breakfast.

Then, to add insult to injury, Hannah and Lisa made it MANDATORY that we go to the OC Fair and succumb to…no no, I can’t say it…Fair Food! Fried anything!  Friend Twinkies, Fried Pickles, Fried Milky Ways, OMG!

If it can fit into a tub of hot oil, they will fry it!

We walked around and of course visited the baby animals starting with the roosters and ending with the pigs, 

Roosters of most breeds, if raised from a baby chick, have been handled regularly, and roosters isolated from hens tend to be very affectionate and intelligent and make good pets.Wild, unhandled, and older roosters can be tamed and make good pets too.

Gotta love the pigs, they are so smart. Pigs outperform 3-year-old human children on cognition tests and are smarter than any dog or cat!

Teasing the baby roosters…We checked Lisa’s purse on the way out
making sure Jeffrey dud not have a new playmate!

Lisa wanted to get a Hawaiian shirt for Patrick so he would fit into the family and we went to High Seas Trading Company.  Patrick got a new short and Paul got four new shirts (in addition to the six from the last visit)!

Lookin’ good Patrick!

Just before leaving we all stopped and had a six pound cinnamon bun… OK, a cinnamon bun with icing on the top! 

Hannah and Lisa departed for the parking lot at 2:30 PM as we went to the  Ferris Wheel.  Unkle Paul heard one of them say “see you soon… Tubby!”  Paul remembers mumbling “I do NOT get mad… I get even!“.  Unkle Paul can see large quantities of See’s candies in their future!

On our way out.. Paul was well under control!

It’s a requirement! Sue must drag Paul on the death defying Ferris Wheel 3000 feet into the sky with toothpicks as supports in a cabin held on with dental floss moving at a rate approximating the speed of sound! Around and around we go with Paul shutting his eyes so tight it left impressions on his cheeks for two hours!  Fortunately Paul had a spare oxygen bottle which allowed him to breath when we got to the top of the wheel!

Way up in the sky!!

We made it through the Ferris Wheet adventure mostly unscathed and decided it was too hot and too crowded to stay any loner.  We headed home and the cleaning people were about to arrive so when they did, we went to Old Ranch. 

On the way over to Old Ranch (two miles from our home), we called our son-in-law, Mitch, as he works nearby.  He joined us at 5:15 PM for dinner and we sat around until almost 7:45 PM catching up on things!  Mitch is doing well as a full time Project Manager  for a large Direct TV sales/installation organization.  He is getting everything together and we are proud of him!

Dinner at Old Ranch with Mitch!

After returning home, we watched NCIS on TV and Paul laid out the attack plan on returning to less than 200 pounds!  The past two weeks has been difficult, at best!  He began with having only one (yes, count ’em) and only one tookie this evening,

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