Twosday It Is… Busy Busy

I’m Not Kidding! The world tongue-twister champion just got arrested. I hear they’re gonna give him a really tough sentence.

NOTE:  If you see some difference in the Daily Diary, I have changed to the new editor called Gutenberg so I am getting used to it!

Paul headed out for a short walk and three miles later returned only to rush to the shower and get cleaned up for the doctor, lunch, and later on Pageant Of The Masters in Laguna. It’s going to be a full day!

It was a beautiful morning adding three miles to the total

Today the stitches came out and Paul is free to do “almost” anything!  The hand looks pretty good so I can renew my hand-soap commercial contract!

After the trip to the doctor, we headed to Long Beach and Pine Street to repeat last weeks visit to George’s Greek Cafe! We arrived at 11:59 AM and the girls followed us by about 15 minutes…just enough time to finish an O’Doul’s,

First things first…Saganaki starts the meal! Flaming casari cheese topped with cognac and a squeeze of lemon with kalmata olives!  In Greek cuisine, saganaki (Greek ????????) is any one of a variety of dishes prepared in a small frying pan, the best-known being an appetizer of fried cheese.

Then it was decision time… OMG!  We had choices and choices.  Sue went for the lentil soup and a small salad while the girls went for gyro’s! Paul you ask? Lamb chops!

The speciality of the house… Lamb Chops! Paul’s favorite! Greek dish.

After the meal, we all split up with the kids going to a movie and us heading home to freshen up and get ready to go to the Pageant in Laguna!  We departed home about 3:30 PM arriving Laguna at 4:00 PM. 

We had perfect timing as we parked directly across from the pageant grounds and giving us four and a half hours to “see the sights”. Sue decided to take the wheelchair as we knew we were going to walk along the beach and up and down PCH. We walked all over Laguna Beach exploring as we had plenty of time to kill!

A must read—the Life Guards hourly posting

80 degrees right on the beach…not wonder people come from the valley to sit in the sand and cool off!

Ready to roll! Beep-Beep  Beep-Beep  My horn goes Beep-Beep-BEep

When Sue got home, she was on the computer attempting to order this from Amazon until I told her that it required a car battery to operate!

Way too loud!!!

We make a good team but Paul has to remind her NOT to use the horn! We walked several blocks going in and out of shopping areas, restaurants, and little peeks at the ocean.

In 30 years, we had never taken this route to the beach

We stumbled upon a place called the SkyLoft that really advertised their roof-top dining.  It was getting late in the afternoon and it was warm so we thought it better to sit inside..we were quite correct.  We had another meal! The meal was excellent and the service fantastic. Paul was SO stuffed afterwords he had to waddle back to the pageant grounds! This was a good find!

We met up with the gang before entering the Irvine Bowl

The pageant was excellent although we thought the first half was outstanding and the second half was kinda like after thoughts…but, all in all, really good!

They stepped out of the picture a couple of times and the “newbies” were amazed!

We brought out special wine and finished off the bottle by the end of the day.  After going to the pageant all these years, we know NOT to race out of the bowl but patiently wait about ten minutes and then leaving the canyon is a no-brainer!

Paul tried out for the Statue Of David but alas, he did not quite fit the expectations of the artists!

Hey…Maybe next year!

The half time and we all get to say hello! Donna & Bob brought their kids as they are now doing what we do.  We give “memories” for presents instead of “things”.  Memories last…things do not!

We had a big crowd with us this evening!

We did not get home until 11:45 so no TV this evening…one more glass of wine and we vrashed for the night.

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