Thursday…The Weekend Is Not Far Away!

They say St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. I wonder if he could do that for Congress.

This morning Paul walked up the Staples to get a colored glass marker.  One of the tools Paul recently boought was a Dremel…high speed drill…30,000 RPM. Dremel is an American brand of power tools known primarily for its rotary tools. Dremel’s rotary tools are similar to the pneumatic die grinders used in the metalworking industry by tool or moldmakers.

The tools were originally developed by Albert J. Dremel, who founded the Dremel Company in 1932 in Racine, Wisconsin. In 1993, the company was purchased by Robert Bosch GmbH, and today it is a division of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation located in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

We have a lot of “wine” bottles and they are actually just right for projects around the house.  We have three that we use to water the indoor plants but they are so plain.  With  a little work, they can be informative and decorative!

Handy little device!

Off we go…after returning Paul checked and he hit 550 miles (on the pedometer) meaning he probably has twice that in reality.  1.4 million steps, wow!

The pedometer (Pacer) keeps trace of my progress

Almost to the shopping center and there it was…magnificent white flowers reaching foer the sky!

Bunches right in the front yard

They looked like papier-mâché. Paul touched them and indeed, they were real!

Did You Know?  Starting around 1725 in Europe, gilded papier-mâché began to appear as a low-cost alternative to similarly treated plaster or carved wood in architecture. Henry Clay of Birmingham, England, patented a process for treating laminated sheets of paper with linseed oil to produce waterproof panels in 1772. These sheets were used for building coach door panels as well as other structural uses. Theodore Jennens patented a process in 1847 for steaming and pressing these laminated sheets into various shapes, which were then used to manufacture trays, chair backs, and structural panels, usually laid over a wood or metal armature for strength. The papier-mâché was smoothed and lacquered, or finished with a pearl shell finish. The industry lasted through the 19th century.

Looks like the center was painted on…amazing!

When I saw the flower I thought of my Mother and her wonderful artistic skills.  She was so very clever and talented. All of a sudden trains popped into my head.

Random Memory:  I was into trains as a kid and he had a large layout in a room behind the garage…large meaning 20’x15′.  The layout looked pretty flat so I asked my very talented mother what could I do?  She thought for a few minutes and then said “Go out into the alley and look for some old window screens”.  I was puzzled but I did what I was told. After an hour of walking around, I returned with several large pieces of screen wire.

Meanwhile, Mom had built three wooden stands kinda like 1’x4’s with vertical 2’x2’s standing vertical at different heights…looked weird!  Mom had me crumple up the screen wire and then we nailed it onto the wooden stands kinda forming little “mountains”.

What next? Mom sent me in the house to get some newspapers and meanwhile she mixed up a batch of paster of Paris.  Upon returning, she had me cut 2″ strips from the newspaper and we dunked them into the wet gooey plaster.  We then took the soaked papier-mâché and applied it onto the screen wire mountains.  Instantly, we had several “ice bergs”.

The next day, Mom and I went through the paint cans and found green, grey, brown, and black and with great fervor, we applied the paint to the papier-mâché and volia, mountains appeared before our eyes.

My mother was truly amazing…she was oozing with talent!  I miss her so much!

Paul worked in the garden for a while putting the last touches on it before the trash folks show up tomorrow.  We watched TV and thought today would be a time to rest so we could go to the Phoenix Club tonight.

Around 4:30 PM Sue’s back began to hurt and hurt pretty bad.  We decided to stay home and nurse it back to health but alas, the back was NOT being cooperative.  Looks like the pain reducing shot has worn off and tomorrow we will attempt to see the back doctor one more time.  It seems like back surgery is in the near future.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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