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We Partied Till We Were Pooped!

We are doing something new this year. We hired “Nine Carat Gold” to play at Old Ranch Country Club! We have know the guys for 15+ years and they played last year for us so we KNOW they are good! We also invited their wives or significant others to be our guests for the evening so they cold enjoy a great meal and lot of fun along with the rest of us!

We  “SOLD OUT” with 100 people joining us for the evening… For those who waited too long, we are sorry but the event appears to be fairly popular!

There will be a mix of our family and friends and a few of the Old Ranch “Old Timers” who enjoy good music and dancing.

We arranged with Old Ranch to allow us to join their “private club” New Years since we are bringing our own band (and we are pretty good members). Conversaly, Old Ranchers can come join our side also!

Several of the members of Old Ranch are going to join us for the festivities because they are “older” and appreciate good music and real dancing!

We can join the private Country Club party and they can join our area (seating permitting). So if you want to join their Las Vegas night, you can! (We just found out that they are bringing two tables into our area so we do not have to walk so far!

This is the first time we have done this so we are excited to see how it is going to work out. Only time will tell!

Old Ranch out did themselves!  Join the fun!

Here comes the new year!

New Years Eve With Family

We got home around 2:15 AM and crashed!  What a wonderful evening!

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