Work And Play… That’s OK

We worked around the house Saturday until about 4:30. The garden got a good going over and Sue gave the babies new beds and paid the bills.  Sue also worked her magic in the kitchen with the zucchini that was picked.  We also tasted our home made sauerkraut and decided it was ready… It now lives in several jars.  At 4:45 we left for the Barclay theater to witness the “First Annual UCI Korean Cultural Night” and had NO idea what to expect.  We got there early so we had a drink and appetizer at Chakdra Indian Restaurant.

Just hit the spot

We walked across the bridge to the theater, met Hannah for 3 seconds (She was the DIRECTORY OF PUBLICITY for the activity).  The play began at 6:30 and we havd 3 1/2 hours of sheer entertainment.

Look carefully... Hannah in black and white on the right hand side

The magic of Zoom....

Bright colors everywhere

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