Wednesday Was Relaxing

Sue was attempting to come down with a cold but we are so derned healthy that the cold lost out!  We stayed home and did not go to our golf lesson.  Around 11:00am we headed to ORCC for lunch and met up with Susan Duran and Robin,  We got a 2:00 pm Tee-time and played 18 holes in a little over three hours… We were speedy!

The 19th hole was great… We met up with Ted Conlin and exchanged books and some WWII stories.  Bunny was celebrating her birthday and had her grandkids with her… We got to spend some time with Mr. Nicholas… What a bright young man!  After getting into our new car (it got a wash/wax today), we headed for home and watched two interesting movies,

The first was an oldie circa 1936 and was entitled “Dodsworth“. Summary: A bittersweet tale of the increasing estrangement of a retired automobile tycoon and his wife. Increasingly obsessed with maintaining an appearance of youth, she falls in with a crowd of frivolous socialites during their “second honeymoon” European vacation. He, in turn, meets a woman who is everything she is not; self-assured, self-confident, and able to take care of herself.

Super movie with scenes from the Queen Mary

We then went more modern and watched a Hallmark movie entitled “Kiss At Midnight“. They say the cobbler’s children go barefoot, but must the matchmaker’s children go motherless? After their widower father moves to a new town and sets up a computerized matchmaking business, two girls set out to find a stepmother. They create a dating application in the company computer for him. Then they cull through all new women applicants to hand pick the perfect woman for him and force the computer to match them. They don’t know the woman they picked is the proprietor of the old-fashioned matchmaking service in town who is planning to prove the computer matching is incompetent.

Great family movie

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