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East Coast Adventure Day #3 – Around Town And Dinner

No wonder she thinks I am a Trophy Husband!

I woke up early today as Mary had to leave for school at 7:00 a.m.  After seeing her off, I decided to unwind and relax for about half an hour.  Later, I had breakfast at the hotel restaurant.  Since it was warm outside and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of picking out a new outfit, I decided to wear the same clothes I had worn the previous evening.  The temperature outside is currently in the low 60s.

Ham and eggs with a bagel for breakfast; life is good.

Breakfast was excellent.

BTW, yesterday I did 8,888 steps!  That included the inclines of which there were many!  My sciatica didn’t bother me at all.  However, I was cautious going into and out of the buildings as they are designed to keep water/snow from entering, so they all have some steps.

Not too bad for an old fart!

Bar Harbor is a popular tourist destination in Maine, United States, situated on Mount Desert Island.  The downtown area was nicely decorated, indicating the start of the season.  It’s getting us excited for the next three months!  I need some more plastic spiders for Mary to find.

It was early, so the tourists had not arrived yet.  However, I did see four big buses full of tourists from Florida coming.  The town will fill up quickly!

Main Street was dead, but it was also 8:00 a.m.

I visited twenty gift shops and noted the ones Dr. Mary might like.  I also found nearby pubs.  We will take a two-hour walk and have dinner later.

Mr. Moose said, “Hello to all your Californians; may the Moose be with you!”

Hello there!

Do you know why they buried George H. W.  In Houston instead of his beloved Kennebunkport?… Because it’s way too cold for planting Bushes in Maine!

After visiting thirty stores, I began feeling more silly than usual.  However, my mood suddenly changed, and I became thrilled!  I sensed something new!

No kidding.

Taco Bell, eat your heart out.  I think we will do a margarita as soon as Mary escapes school!  We had lunch there later in the afternoon!

Civilization!  Mexican feed… I might try one taco to make sure it is authentic.

The wallet seemed flat, so I filled her at this friendly bank.  The ATM card worked just fine!

My BofA card worked here!  I can buy stuff again!

At 1:30 p.m., I headed towards the one-room schoolhouse and sat on the stairs, waiting for my master to finish school.  I was going to escort her home safely!  2:00 p.m. Mary shot out the back of the presentation like a cannon and was heading to the hotel; she looked back, and there I was, trying to keep up with her.

After she freshened up, we started our afternoon walk!  The first sign told us her meeting center was built in 1929!

The pier had a history!

The tide was low, but it was beginning to rise.  Tides range from 5.6 meters (18.4 feet) in Eastport to 2.6 meters (8.7 feet) in Kittery.  The tidal range increases with the new and full moon phases; today is a full moon!

There were many dining establishments on the street, and they specialized in lobster or, as they say locally, “lobsta”.

Flowers everywhere

Both ships were gone this afternoon doing their tours of the local area.  We took the Friendship V yesterday evening.  The 112-foot jet-powered catamaran was built in Massachusetts in 1996 and has two cabins, three decks, an AV/PA system, and advanced navigation equipment.  She is an INCAT design.  She has four 1205 horsepower MTU marine diesel engines.  The main deck is wheelchair accessible.  It is a smooth and fast-riding vessel.  It has restrooms and a galley available when needed.  The main deck and amenities are wheelchair accessible.

The tide was out this afternoon!

There was an Irish Pub (Paddy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant) we stopped for a little drinkie poo!

We had a sip at the local pub!

After taking a break, we resumed our shopping.  As we walked past a rundown building, I was reminded of the phrase, “S–t rolls downhill!” The unsanitary conditions were evident, and we made sure to avoid the area on our way back.  I thought I heard a pigeon cooing something along the lines of “Ready, aim, fire,” but it was likely just my imagination.

Poo runs downhill!

We revisited the moose, and Mary and he posed for the camera.  The moose population in Maine is estimated to be around 76,000, making it the highest population in the United States outside of Alaska.

Mary and the Moose!

Wow, we just had a great lunch at a Mexican restaurant!  My amazing wife Mary ordered a lobster quesadilla, and I had two lobster soft-shell tacos with Maine hot sauce.  We both thought the food was excellent and learned several Jamaicans ran the restaurant.

A lobster quesadilla

We sat on the patio and enjoyed all the tourists doing their thing!

As we were shopping, Mary decided to try on some clothes.  However, I accidentally obstructed the sign, causing her to miss it.  While I was browsing, I noticed a crowd gathering outside and alerted Mary to look behind her.  Suddenly, we heard a terrifying scream, and Mary rushed back inside to me faster than a speeding bullet.  I decided to nickname her FLASH for the rest of the day!

Mary did not see the sign!

People from Maine are so self-centered!  All their T-shirts and mugs say “I LOVE ME”!

We filled a shopping bag with goodies, and I carried them back to the hotel, stopping at the Irish pub we had visited before.  We encountered five Indian gentlemen who gathered together every two years at different locations in the US.  Although they were all Americans, they conversed in Hindi.  They kindly bought us a round of drinks, so we returned the gesture with another round.

When we departed, this was our table.  We were happy that the hotel was one block away!  Our knees were getting tired; crawling is rough on the body!

After our last stop, the table was full!

Mary, a naturally friendly person, attempted to initiate a conversation with a local Puffin.  Despite her efforts to greet the bird in all five of her languages, Mr. Puffin remained silent.  I noted that the Puffin was actually a wooden carving and had been stuffed.  However, I am uncertain if Mary believed me.

Did You Know?  Puffins are 29-34 cm long with a wingspan of 21-24 inches.  Puffins are nicknamed parrots of the sea because of their colorful triangular-shaped beaks.

Puffin, that’s my girl!

After returning to the hotel, Mary packed her bags as we had to vacate the room by 11:00 a.m.  However, her meeting wasn’t scheduled to end until noon.  I opted to rest and pack my bags in the morning, as we had a long day.  Just before dozing off, I checked the odometer and realized we had walked almost 8,100 steps, equivalent to roughly three and a half miles!

So far this year, I have walked over 900,000 steps.

How many steps in a mile?  An average person has a stride length of approximately 2.1 to 2.5 feet.  That means it takes over 2,000 steps to walk one mile, and 10,000 steps would be almost 5 miles.

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