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Work Followed By Play!


We continued working on the house; there is ALWAYS something to do every day.  Colleen went to see our grandson’s soccer match and planned to be home before 5:o00 PM when we departed for the Elks.

Mary and I did some shopping at the store for tomorrow’s get-together.  At 4:00 PM, we got ready to depart for the Elks, the scholarship dance where we raise money for deserving young people!  The theme tonight is the 1960s!

It brings back old memories!

Mary has a new 1960s-style dress, and she upgraded to include 1960s glasses!  Colleen also got glasses and a headband of blue daisies.

Go see the entire dance in detail on our website.

Looking good!!!

Ronnie, the DJ, played for us this evening, meaning the entire dance was danceable!

We had a ball dancing to the music of the 1960s

Of course, the regulars were with us, including tBob & Donna, Vicky & Jim, and Iris & Will.  Iris is 96 and going strong!

She was shaking a leg!

We departed at about 9:45 PM and headed home.  Colleen drove; a good thing!  We are going to miss her so much when she leaves tomorrow.



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