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Carlos To The Rescue!

The red coat was so nice; I ordered a green one for March!  I will be a walking fashion statement. Just wait St. Patrick’s day, Mary and I will arrive in style!

Now I am ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

Mary and I worked in the garden, starting bright and early, 8:00 am.  She planted the new veggies and replaced some of the peas that did not make it.  The garden works well as we do not have to bend over, and everything is handy!

We have additional broccoli and new peas!

I straightened up the large storage unit and made it ready to move the smaller one to this area.

Starting condition!

I moved one shed from the side of the yard back to the garden area.  That required me to unload the entire cabinet into a wheelbarrow, and then with Colleen’s help, we rolled the shed to the backyard.  Colleen moved it herself!  I reloaded the shed after we got it set up.

Now, 85% of the gardening items are in one location!

I have had this cabinet for 15 years, and is still in good condition.  The gardening supplies are right next to the garden.

They are organized by function.

It isn’t easy to see, but the apples are close up to our patio, and if we keep it trimmed to six feet, we can reach off the deck and grab fruit from our patio table!

The four apples are now in their new home.

What happened to the two apple trees that were planted together?  They lived appley ever after.

My blood pressure seems to be wavering, so I called the doctor, and he gave me a new prescription which we will try.

Why did the skeptic suffer from high blood pressure? He was taking everything with a grain of salt.

We went to the store with Colleen to pick up some supplies for Sunday.  The rest of the afternoon we spent working around the house.  Mary reorganized her bathroom, and I finished arranging the garage so the cars could slide in all the way to the wall facing us, almost three feet of space behind the vehicles.

Colleen went to a soccer game, and we kept working on things that needed to be done.  I popped over to CVS to get the new meds, and then Mary and I had dinner and watched a John Wayne movie.

Five years ago today, my garden looked like this:


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