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Happy Vetrans Day!

Fact: There’s no apostrophe in Veterans Day.  The lack of an apostrophe in “Veterans Day” implies that the occasion doesn’t belong to veterans.  Rather, it’s a day that honors all soldiers who once served their country, both dead and alive.

I am happily married to a veteran.  Captain Mary A. Côté, MD.  I am so very happy she is on our side!

We were up early and heard the “crack” of dawn.  Why?  Who knows? We are just early birds.  Ah ha, maybe that’s why we go outside in the morning and attempt to catch the worms?

We walked out to the South 40 and walked the fences to make sure all was well.

Early morning visit to the garden.

We had a noon appointment with my doctor in Los Alamitos, so we decided to “Go To The Club” for breakfast.  The meal was fine, and we got to see Miss Charlotte, who was making the turn.

After breakfast, we went to H&H Nursery and went shopping for goodies.  Mary and I filled the cart with new veggies to plant this afternoon!!

Shopping we will go!

I got to pick out some veggies also!

A little of this and a little of that!

After arriving home, with a slight pause at Jan’s house to bring her sleeping socks, We loaded our new treasures into Daddy’s cart and went to work in the backyard; we planted the veggies, watered them, and then finished off the job with straw mulch.   We are finding some of the worms have moved quite a bit from their original location; this is good.

Very soon, we will be loaded with goodies!

Our two carts (two-wheeled wheelbarrows) are just right for the garden.   We are constantly watching out for weeds.  A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.

We will perfect our vegetable garden beds through a process of trowel and error!

We bring our carts to the garden!

We worked until it was getting dark.  Mary went inside to make dinner, and I finished cleaning up and bringing in the tools.

Farmer Paul is ready for dinner as the sun sets in the west.

We had a delightful dinner and watched a movie on the roll-around TV.  We finally crashed at about 8:00 PM after talking to Robin and arranging fSunday’sy’s putting.

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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