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Goodbye Thanksgiving; Hello Christmas

What do they sing at a snowman’s birthday party? Freeze a jolly good fellow!

We are ready to meet the challenge!  Undecorating has been completed, and today we bring Christmas down from the attic, all 50 boxes!

But first, on a retired Saturday morning, we rise at 5:30 AM and get ready to go to an 8:00 AM soccer game in Whittier.  We were invited to join Amy and Joe watch Charlie and Alex do their magic on the soccer field; the boys are rather good!

We even got thank-yous from the boys via text messages from their cell phones!

Alex takes on the champs!

The girls talked and cheered on the guys.  Amy and Mary get along quite well.  We watched an 8:00 AM game and then Charlie’s game at 10:00 AM.  After four hours of sitting, we had to head home because our car wash guy was coming over.

On the way home, we stopped at Subway and shared a turkey sub; it was perfect!

Mary and Amy cheer the boys on.

Mary fixed a care package for Bill, who is in Costa Mesa.  He has stage four cancer and is going through some tough times.  Without family, we attempt to keep him fed because cooking for two is not easy!   I did a fly-by while Mary stayed home and got everything ready to go into the attic from the Thanksgiving/Halloween activities.

Juan showed up about 2:30 PM, and he washed our three cars. Then I asked him and his two helpers to take down Christmas.  He thought it would be just a couple of boxes; he was surprised when he looked into the attic!  Mary accumulated 27 years of decorations, and I had another 35 years.  This year we will combine our decorations and hopefully reduce the couldn’t of boxes by a few, or at least we will organize the contents by room.

I mentioned to Mary that I used to decorate a twelve-foot tree and loaded it with goodies; she was still surprised when six large containers labeled “tree decorations” came down the ladder!

While watching all the work, I did mention to Mary, “If you’ve ever watched a butcher wrap pork chops, you’ve seen me wrapping Christmas presents.”

They are almost done.

Once Christmas was down, Mary went up to make sure everything was done.  Then she told the guys where to put the ten containers of Thanksgiving/Fall.  Up it goes not to be seen again for eleven months!

The guys load ten boxes of Halloween/Fall back into the attic.

That was the best $100 I ever spent!  After sitting a while, we decided to go to Jan’s and bring her a care package.  Leaving the house, I saw the front, and the trees had just turned on (they are on an Alexa-powered timer set to go on at sunset and off at sunrise).  It looked pretty good!

We are started; red and green trees in the front windows.

The sun was setting, and I slowed down and took a snapshot of the street going to Jan’s house; she is only a mile and a half away, so we see her 2-3 times a week.

We are on our way to Jan’s house.

Jan has also been decorating, and she is ahead of us already!  Her little friends were sitting on the bench awaiting visitors.  I had an urge which I could NOT control.  I turned to Mary and blurted out the following:

      • What do snowmen wear on their heads?
        Ice caps!
      • What do snowmen eat for lunch?
      • Where do snowmen go dancing?
      • How do snowmen travel around?
        By icicle!

Little people greet us.

Mary and Jan went through the care package and discussed Thanksgiving recipes.  Jan ran the cooking displays and contests for the OC Fair for many years and is a published author of six cookbooks!  She is our go-to person for things gastronomic!

Jan unpacks the “Meals On Wheels.”

While at Jan’s, we often call old friends and reconnect.  TOnight we called Norma and visited with her.  Next week we will have lunch with her and catch up on all things historical.  We, Jan, Mary, and I have known Normal for many years as a dancer. Her husband of many years, Jerry, passed perhaps three years ago.  Interesting fact, he was a double for Danny Kaye!  She is funny and enjoys a good visit.

We call our old friends to say hello!

We departed about 9:00 PM and went home and crashed again!  It was a good day, with the only downside being that The Silver Fox has to stay outside since his spot was taken in the garage with Christmas containers.

Tomorrow we will start the decorating process.  Where are Robin and Colleen when we need them?

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