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Two Months And Loving It!

I bought a second hand time machine next Sunday. They don’t make them like they’re going to anymore.

Up at the crack of dawn and into the hot water!  We got out at sunrise so as not to scare the birds who often fly by the house.  We decided to walk Five Miles and off we went.  We did not get too far when I spotted a Mantis on the outdoor light.  I careful sneaked up on him and snapped a picture

We was looking right back at me!

Did You Know? The Praying mantis is a most interesting and enjoyable beneficial insect to have around the garden and farm. It is the only known insect that can turn its head and look over its shoulder. … Later they will eat larger insects, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, and other pest insects.

A praying mantis loves to eat insects – so much so that it doesn’t seem to discriminate, eating both harmful and beneficial insects. In extreme cases when food supplies are low, they may even eat one another.

A young praying mantis eats soft-bodied creatures such as aphids, mosquitoes, and caterpillars. When more mature, it can eat beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, and just about any type of problematic. The praying mantis even feeds on moths at night.

I had a to-do list about three miles long and I was off and running.  Colleen joined us for a piece of toast about 10:00 AM and then the girls got ready to go shopping.

Dianne, Mary, and Colleen took off in a cloud of dust leaving me stranded with File Miles.  I did most of the list and will finish it tomorrow.

We looked at the yard and it was ready to receive the items for the party but alas, seven of the barrels looked pretty bad so it’s off to Roger’s Gardens to fix that problem.

The annual display was in full swing!

We walked around and you can see a lot more on our Halloween Website.  It was fun to see all the “scary things”.  Heck, I was walking with two of them!

Remember this?

Shall we go in or not, that is the question.

Welcome to Roger’s Gardens!

They all look hungry!

No bones about it.

Now the skeletons are scared.  I would be to if I saw these two together!

Careful, they bite.

We departed the scary place and walked around looking for roses and flowers for the back yard for the party.

Want a Snapdragon little girl?”

After buying a bunch of stuff, the girls headed for The Farm House and I drove the car around to the back.  We had a bottle of wine and a cheese plate and kibitzed around for an hour.  Colleen spotted something in the bottom of the wine bottle and it looked like sugar.

Did You Know? Tartrate crystals  are a harmless, naturally occurring byproduct of winemaking; they might taste a little sour if you try eating them. They typically collect on the cork or at the bottom of a wine bottle. They are sometimes referred to as “wine diamonds,” a lovely way to try to convince people not to worry about them.Mary was wearing her new blouse the girls bought her at Disneyland the other day. I was not sure what it said so I took a closer look!  I should have known!

I kiss the princess; she kisses the frog!

Our cheese plate was pretty good and it disappeared quickly.

Dinner?  Nope, we have cherry pue at home.

We got a picture of us.


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