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The Good Guys Finally Are Winning

“Show me a gracious loser, and I’ll show you a failure.”

Mary had to work this afternoon, and I headed to the new house to meet with Spectrum, two plumbers, the gardener, make calls to the epoxy guys and coordinate with Joe and Zack.

The Spectrum guys dug up the yard but did a good job of repairing the damage.  They arrived right in time and began a three hours adventure.

Find anything, guys?

They had to core underneath the sidewalk, and they had a neat, handy dandy machine with a right angle handle on it, and it just drove right through the sidewalk in two places and made a clean hole to pull the cable through.

My new yard! Easy when you have the right tools!

Fun in the afternoon!  We had a friend of Mary’s come by to visit. He is a plumber operating in the local area, so he will replace my water heater with a tankless system and add a recirculating hot water system to have instant hot water in the kitchen.

The Old Guys Rule!

While all of this was going on, I was trying to disassemble the huge cabinets in the garage because they have to be in the driveway tomorrow morning when the epoxy people show up.

Mary is quite bright as she observed the cabinets should come apart, something I never noticed. I thought we would have to move the cabinets as one big cabinet.

I called the guys, namely Zachary and Joseph, to join me to help roll these suckers out onto the driveway overnight. They plan to come by around 4:30 PM, and Dr. Mary will go by the El Pollo Loco food emporium and bring a family-style feast for us to go down on.  I hope she remembers to bring a beer or two.

On the move.

The Spectrum install guy left about 3:00 PM, and we now have Internet again… I can finally check my mail, and Alexa is back online, so we have music in the house! I have nine Alexa devices at the old place, which I hope to bring over tomorrow!

A neighbor stopped in whose name is Jeff. It was an amazing visit we have a lot in common: he is also an engineer, his wife passed one month ahead of Sue, he was a ham radio operator, he has had heart bypass surgery, he loves his woodworking shop, etc.  Mary and I were invited to a wine tasting event at his place Saturday, but we had to decline due to our commitment to dancing.

A beautiful way to spend the day listening to the kids and the birds and watching the pool!


By the time 3:30 PM rolls around, I was getting tired, so scout, the wonder dog, and I sit out by the pool and listen to the kids in the playground. Scout likes to walk the periphery of the property thinking he’s keeping the elephants away and, based upon the fact there are no elephants, he must be doing a great job.

When the “boys” got here, they went right to work!  OMG, they made it look so easy I was ashamed of myself.

The guy size of the job and stated, “no problem, papa.”

I was going to try to help, but once the old man gets down, and takes a crane to get me back in the vertical position.  I was very proud of my son and my grandson; they work together very well… It reminded me of the way I used to work with Zack’s daddy, Mitch.

Once I get down, it takes two of them to get me back up.

Having the right tools is also a plus. Between Joe Zack and myself, we probably have every tool known to man, and if we don’t have it, one of us will get it.

Do we look alike or what? Which one is which? Hint Papa is the handsome one!

Once we got the cabinets on, fasten from the wall, and on fashion from each other, it wasn’t too bad to wield them out on the dollies. I asked Joe if I could use his dolly, and he said no. In fact, he said, “nobody gets to play with my dolly.”  Mary took the pictures, and she was listening to the banter back-and-forth, and I couldn’t help but see her giggle several times.

Zack and Joe lifted those cabinets like they weighed 5 pounds… I was going to try it, but I needed a block and tackle.

Next time I have a picture with these guys, I’m gonna wear my high heels; I had a presence of mind enough to get up on my tippy toes, so I didn’t look like a shrimp compared to them.

The question before the house is, which one is Larry, which one is Moe, and which one is Curly Joe?

Please meet my heroes Zack on the left, Joe in the center, and me on the end (I’m standing on my tippy toes so I can be as tall as Joe; otherwise, he’s a couple of inches taller than your man)

I met two other neighbors who all very friendly; we feel welcome to the hood.

Joe came over to Mary’s for a quick visit, and so he could visualize what we are talking about.  It was dark went Joe returned home, and I was again too pooped to pop, so I took a shower and crashed.

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