Traditions Are Essential!

Family traditions are important because they give you a source of identity, teach values, strengthen the family bond and add to the rhythm of life.

Up at the crack of dawn, I prepared the house for the eventual onslaught of family.  We set up the tables,  spread out the coloring gears, and readied the eggs but first before decorating, we must go to the Himalayan Grill for lunch!

But before that, we must talk to Colleen… and the great grandchildren.  I told Colleen, “Don’t worry, be hoppy.”

Good morning Colleen and the varmints!

OK, time for teh grille.  We were first there tied with Robin and Bob! The Chartiers and Adams were also with us and we are starting to see the younger crowd join in!

We had fifteen here today!

Everything is normal, I got pictures of everyone except me.

Yeah Yeah, the gang’s all here!

We returned to my house and began the twenty-plus year tradition of doing easter eggs. Thank you Robin for being the custodian of the colors for these past years!

Mary and Michele head for the backyard and go shopping in the garden.  They are picking peas and beans  and other goodies,  Mary made sure everyone went home with a goody bag.

To the garden!!

Meanwhile, out front Pete got up to pick kumquats which will be turned into jelly by

…and the front yard garden!

The Groundskeeper heard all the commotion and came to find out what was going on!

Yhe Groundskepper checks in!

Inside the house, colors were flying and the banter back and forth was at full volume.

Everybody is busy!

Pete has command of the kitchen table and regales us with stories of yesteryear!

Pete tells us a story.

Mary got her crayolas out and performed miracles on the eggs! I asked Mary, “Why do we paint Easter eggs? Because it’s easier than trying to wallpaper them!”

Wait until you see the 3D Stereo Monochromatic Colorized Rooster Egg!

Lilly lost a tooth and had to show everyone.  Lilly and Mary have a great time together.

Miss Mary and Lilly, a team to be reckoned with!

Remy needed a nap after the last joke.  What do you call a rabbit with fleas? Bugs Bunny!

Remy takes a nap!

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The boys collect in the kitchen.

Guys will be guys!

We wound up decorating activities about 4:00 PM which was perfect as we headed for Rockwell’s for dinner before dancing at 4:15 PM.

Closing out and getting ready to go dancing.

We had dinner with the Zaitz and Capps at Rockwell’s in Villa Prk before driving out to Chino for the dance.

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The dance was a little frightening as we saw a Michael-Bunny.

Very scary!!

We departed the dance at about 9:00 PM as tomorrow is another big day!  It was a 45 minute drive home to Los Alamitos, very uneventful.  We crashed as soon as we got home.

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