Recovery Day #6: Almost Back To Normal!

Square meals often make round people!

We were up, and the crack of dawn as I had an appointment with the dermatologist.  I sent Scout into Mary’s room to let her know it was time, and I snuck into the shower.  We were ready, willing, and in the car at 7:00 AM.

As we approach the medical building, Mary checks her “little black book” and lets out a significant sign saying, “Paul, your appointment is tomorrow.”  I didn’t believe it until I did a confab with my ever trusty electronic calendar.  The iPhone came up with a message, “What are you doing out in the 38-degree weather this morning, dummy? Your appointment is tomorrow!”

We considered this morning a dry-run for tomorrow!  We headed back home.  Fortunately, the doctor’s office is four minutes from home.  Poor Scout, he came home, opened the door, and he had a definite puzzled look on his face and said, “What are you two up to now? You just departed!”.

We had things to do in the afternoon, so I was put to work before we had to leave again, yes, “the exercise.”  The slave driver forced me into doing the exercises.

We had lunch with Miss Robin at Hofs-Hut since the restaurants are back open again. We sat on their outside patio, and it was perfect.

We went to the market for some last-minute supplies, and Miss Mary saw a John Wayne cookbook we had to have.

There was a bunch of recipes we are going to try!

Now it was off to see Dr.Annie, our dentist.  She is a lovely lady and a painless dentist!  Last year she was the dentist of the year get and she got a little plaque.  I asked Dr. Annie what the strangest patient she ever had was, and she replied a deer who needed braces. He had buck teeth.

I would have called 911, but my hands were strapped in!

After staggering out, regaining consciousness, and getting fresh air, I returned to normal, a condition many people do not like in me!

We then headed for Jan’s place to drop off some of last night’s puttanesca.  We visited for a while before going to Mary’s to get the mail, pick up some supplies for our baby (Scout), and do other errands.

Dinner is served!

After the visit, we went to MAry’s to get some supplies, water the plants, and other chores.  We then headed for my place, arriving just in time for dinner, left-overs.  We took a vote, and we both agreed, left-overs are better the second day!

We watched Two And A Half Men, and by 8:00 PM, we crashed.  We did nothing today, but we were both tired.  Ah, the joys of being retired.

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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